Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Voiding Dysfunction

I saw another urologist yesterday morning. He was the one I was supposed to have seen when I was admitted just before Chinese New Year. But he was already on leave. Thus, the 'no-problem-you-think-until-you-have-problem' doctor replaced him. Which turned out into a bigger problem with him in the picture.

Mr. Responsible Urologist asked me to tell him the history of my bladder problems. He took the time to listen. And to explain. He was a very thorough doctor. 

Mr. Responsible Urologist also did some ultrasound and scoping of anus and vagina and checked the urinary meatus. He wanted to make sure that I did not have anal stenosis as many hemorhoidectomy ended up with anal stenosis. He also wanted to make sure the nothing in the womb or bladder was the cause. I think the amount of scoping and poking and probing that have been done since the surgery is enough to last 10 lifetimes. 

He measured the amount of pee in my bladder and then sent me to pee. And then he measured the amount of pee that was left in my bladder. He said the amount that was left behind was a reasonable amount. I told him Harnal helped. But I had to stop it because I had an allergy reaction to it. But it did help the bladder to jump start. But I could not take it long enough for it to work to its fullest effect. 

He then prescribed a new medication which contained no sulphur for my bladder which is to be taken for 10 days. It's called Xatral XL. Can you believe that the previous urologist prescribed me a medication which contained sulphur even after knowing that I am allergic to sulphur-based medication?! And when I asked him to whether there were any other medications, he said that Harnal is the only one!!!!!! I have been prescribed one without sulphur today! What was he trying to do?? Kill me????? 

I took the new medication before 9pm. I have no allergy reactions. I do have orthostatic hypotension which is the normal side effect of this type of medication. And also palpitations. The urologist told me to slowly get up from lying down and sitting down positions in stages and in slow motion. Hopefully my bladder will heal in time. The voiding dysfunction most likely have been triggered by the surgery. The urologist said that it could take months to be well again. 

There is hope!


  1. That stupid doctor was scary. Can you report him? Someone needs to know he's stupid and he tried to kill you.

    So glad there is hope and your responsible doctor sounds like he knows what he's doing.

    1. Yes, I am thinking of writing to complain about his negligence.

  2. I'm so glad to see you blogging...that's a good sign that things are improving!

    1. Still not 100% but am so glad to be able to pee!