Thursday, 28 August 2014

An Outing, A Fall & A Concussion

On Saturday, hubby and I brought Joel to a farm in the city. It was a surprise for him! He didn't know where we were heading to until we arrived there.

It was a small farm in the city and there was a huge tortoise sitting in one corner of the farm as we entered. We were handed water spinach to feed it and it was so very exciting for Joel. I took a few pictures of some tortoises in some small ponds. There was a still, small voice which said to be careful and I took it to be careful not to fall into the ponds as I took pictures.

We then moved on to the snake area. After taking some pictures, I kept my phone in my pocket and walked on to catch up with the two guys.

And then IT happened.

My right leg somehow slipped and then I flew sideways. I tried to break the fall and somehow managed to regain some footing before slipping AGAIN! This time I knew I wasn't going to break my fall. I tried with all my might to somehow twist my body and used whatever body parts I could to somehow cushion the fall. I knew my head was going to hit something. I tried jerking my neck up. But everything I did wasn't enough. My head hit the rock that was on the side of the pathway.

Joel who had heard a 'BOOM' sound (in his own words), turned around and saw me lying on the ground with my head on the rock. He thought I had died. He screamed, 'Oh my god!!!!!' And then hubby turned around and saw me gingerly pushing myself up.

The thought that was in my mind after hitting my head on the rock was, 'I need an X-Ray! My head hit a rock!!!!' I didn't think of whether my face was scarred or whether my clothes were covered in soil. All that I was thinking of was my brain.

I immediately felt severely nauseated. And I felt that I was on the verge of blacking out. And I had a ringing sound immediately in my right ear. Joel was crying telling me not to die. And hubby kept telling me to stay awake and to breathe in and out slowly.

A family who was in front of us stopped and the wife came over and told us that she will go and get help. To this family, thank you.

A worker came over and helped us. When I got up and turned around, I realised that the area where I had fell was cordoned off and the group of pre-school kids who were behind us were stunned and they were all so quiet. I washed my wounds with water and we left after that.

The journey to the hospital took about 25 minutes according to Joel and throughout the journey Joel was next to me asking me how I was. I was on the verge of throwing up in the car. And I felt very woozy and everything was very fuzzy. Thinking became an effort. And my right ear became blocked.

Upon arriving at the ER, the nurses took my BP and asked me about the fall. My brain became fuzzier and it took effort to think before I could answer them. I was sent for a CT scan. As I was wheeled into the examination room, they asked me when was my last period. And then it became scary. I couldn't answer them as I was confused. I couldn't figure out when was July and when was August. It was like I was in a fog and couldn't tell my right hand from my left. I panicked and told them that I couldn't think. And I kept repeating that I couldn't think. They calmed me down and told me that it was alright and to relax and not worry about it and that I would be asked about it later in the examination room.

The scan showed no bleeding, cracks or swelling in the brain and skull. But I was ordered to rest and that the during the next 48 hours I have to be checked on every 2 to 3 hours. Even though the scan showed that everything was normal, a clot or aneurysm could happen within the next 48 hours. If I had severe headache, started vomiting or become confused or delirious, I would have to go back to the ER IMMEDIATELY.

Today is the fifth day after the fall. I went back for a follow-up on Tuesday evening and was given a thumbs up. I am still having some left over side-effects from the concussion. At times my brain jams up and I can't think of names or things which I normally am able to think of. The doctor said it could take a week or two to be fully normal again. As of now, I am not to drive. I am glad that Joel is still on his summer break. The cuts and bruises are all healing too.

I'm truly grateful to be fine. Extremely grateful and thankful.

Saturday, 23 August 2014

A Freak Accident

Today during an outing, I slipped and fell and banged my head on a rock. Had a concussion and currently on bed rest as ordered by the doctor. CT scan is clear but I have to go back to the hospital on Tuesday for a follow-up. Will write in detail once my brain is better.

Singapore Pictology 2014 (Part 2)

So the trip to the beach was cancelled as it rained every time we went there. Well, we finally did go during the 2nd trip in July!
We went to the Underwater World instead. Via the cable car. 


Giant sized crabs!

Mr. Octopus! 

Jelly fish!
Open Sesame!

The extremely huge tank!

Sea urchins! 


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Classic Vanilla Ice-Cream


1. 1 vanilla pod bean
2. 300ml of low-fat milk (I did not have this and substituted with full-creamed milk)
3. 4 egg yolks (I used even the egg whites)
4. 75gm of sugar (I used half of this and it was still sweet!)
5. 5ml of cornstarch
6. 300ml of heavy cream (I did not have this too and used whipping cream instead)


1. Slit open the vanilla pod from top to bottom. Pour the milk into a pan, add the pod and bring it to a boil. Remove the pan from the heat and leave it aside for 15 minutes.

2. Take the pod out from the milk and scrape all the seeds out into the milk. Discard the pod.

3. Boil the milk again. Set aside again while you proceed to step 4.

4. Whisk the eggs, sugar and cornflour until it has thickened and foamy. Pour this mixture into the hot milk gradually, whisking it constantly.

5. Over very low heat, stir the mixture continuously without stopping until the custard thickens and becomes smooth.

6. Pour the custard into a metal bowl or container (which can be kept in freezer) and allow it to cool.

7. Once it has cooled down, chill it in the fridge.

8. In another bowl, whip the cream until it thickens. Do not over whip it. Make sure that it still falls off from a spoon.

9. Remove the custard from the fridge and fold the whipped cream into it.

10. Freeze for approximately 6 hours or until it is firm enough to be scooped up.

11. You can either beat it with a fork or place it in a food processor.

12. Freeze it again.

13. Once it is done, ENJOY the fruits of your labour!!!!

Bon appétit!!