Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Thermomix Steamed Wrapped Chicken Balls in Chinese Cabbage


1. 500gm of minced chicken
- seasoned with sea-salt, white pepper (optional), chopped carrots, fresh mushrooms (optional), cooking oil, cornstarch (you can use potato starch)
2. Chinese cabbage (wash the leaves and set aside to dry)
3. Toothpicks


1. Fill the TMX jug to the number 2 mark.

2. Place the TMX jug onto the machine. Place cover and MC.

3. Set 30 minutes/100C/Speed 2.

4. Each chicken ball should be about 1.5 inches in size. Wrap each chicken ball with a cabbage leaf and stick a toothpick through it to hold it in place.

5. Place the chicken balls on the Varoma tray.

6. Once the temperature reaches 100C, remove the MC and place the Varoma tray on the TMX jug. Cover the Varoma tray.

7. Allow it to steam for about 15 minutes.

8. Once it is cooked, remove the balls and place new ones and continue steaming until all are cooked.

9. Serve them hot with soup or rice.

Bon appetit!

I did not have enough cabbage leaves. I steamed them on their own. It was delicious too!

Friday, 5 October 2018

Food-Dependant Exercise Induced Anaphylaxis

Back then when I had my first anaphylactic attack, I was told of a true story by the doctor who attended to me while I was in the ER. She told me that there was a young man who had no history of allergies. He had gone to the gym as usual. After his gym session, he went to the bakery to buy a bun as he was starving. He then wolfed the whole thing down. He was on his way to the car (he was lucky he was still in the mall) when he suddenly felt ill. He was having an anaphylaxis attack! Before he collapsed, he staggered back into the bakery, demanded for a pen and paper and wrote down his wife's phone number. He then collapsed. The people at the bakery called his wife who then called an ambulance to be sent to where he was.

The ambulance came and sent him to the hospital and he was lucky to have survived without an EpiPen.

Turned out he had food-dependant exercise induced anaphylaxis.

What is food-dependant exercise induced anaphylaxis?

It is a reaction of food plus exercise.

It can happen when one consumes food before an exercise session OR immediately after an exercise session. It can even happen when the person consumes the trigger food on the day of the exercise and not necessarily immediately BEFORE or AFTER the exercise session.

It can also happen when a person takes aspirin on the day they exercise!

The first ever report of this food-dependant exercise induced anaphylaxis was in 1979. The most common trigger in the West is wheat and Asia, shellfish. The exact mechanism of why this happens is still unknown.

To read more about this, click on LINK.

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Keep Your Expired Epi-Pens!

As there isn't news on when the Epi-Pens shortages will be over, we are now told to hold on to our old and expired Epi-Pens.

Click on LINK to read more about this.

Malaysia does not bring in any other adrenaline auto-injectors other than the Epi-Pen. With this worldwide shortage, that was what I was adviced. Just make sure that the liquid is clear in your Epi-Pen. There is a window on the pen where you can check.