Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Gut - The Root of All Health (Part 3): The Destroyed Gut (Part 4)

9. Additives & Preservatives

An example of a preservative is benzoic acid. This is used in the food industry as it prevents molds, yeast and some bacteria. It is usually used in acidic food and beverages like fruit juice, sparkling drinks, soft drinks, and pickles.

An experiment was conducted on piglets who were fed with diet that contained benzoic acid. The end result was that the bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract were reduced. Click HERE to read about it.

Colouring which is a food additive can cause digestive disorders. Click on LINK to read more about this.

10. Pesticides, Herbicides & Fertilizers

Glyphosphate a herbicide wrecks the digestive system by killing the beneficial bacterias. Glyphosphate is used in GMOs. Click on LINK to read.

11. Stress

The dreaded 'S' word! STRESS! It is known as the number one killer today.

*The American Medical Association has stated that stress is the basic cause of more than 60% of all human illness and disease. (*taken from HERE)

Stress can also cause digestive disorders, upset stomach, abdominal pain and irritable bowel syndrome. *Exposure to stress leads to changes in the composition, diversity and number of gut microorganisms. (*taken from HERE). Stress changes the balance of our beneficial bacteria in the gut.

Do click on LINK and read on how stress wreaks havoc on the microflora in our gut.

That was what my gastroenterologist told me. Stress triggers IBS.

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