Monday, 13 April 2015

The Powerful Homemade Chicken Essence

Chicken essence originated from the Ming Dynasty. It is known as a powerful health tonic which helped the emperor recover from his mental fatigue. So it comes to no surprise that the Chinese consume chicken essence whenever they feel fatigued.

There were a few times (about 10 years ago) where we bought the Brand's Chicken Essence to drink. But commercialized food can never win over home-made food!

Chicken essence is basically 100% juice from the chicken which is extracted using the double-boil method. Some people use a smaller pot in a bigger pot.

I bought a double boiler to do this.


1. 1 small free-range and antibiotic-free chicken (skin removed) (cut into 4 parts)
2. Water

There's a drainer in it. 
Place chicken on top of drainer. 
Cover it and then add water to the level indicated. 
Boil for 4 hours.

The potent home-made chicken essence. 
I slept like the dead last night and was thoroughly refreshed in the morning after drinking this super food! Try it!

Click on LINK to read on a study which was done on the benefits of consuming chicken essence.

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