Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Thermomix Pandan Extract (Pure Home-Made Green Colouring)


1. 40 pandan leaves (washed and dried)


1. Take 20 leaves and place into the TMX jug through the hole in the lid.

2. Make sure you wear a glove(s) when holding the leaves. If not, the leaves will cut your hands when it spins as it is being shredded.

2a. Alternatively, you can tie the pandan leaves in a bunch and place it in the TMX jug.

3. Set 5seconds/Speed 10.

4. Place the shredded leaves inside a sieve. Place the sieve onto a cup. Using a spoon, press the leaves against the sieve until the juice comes out. Press until all the juice is expressed from the leaves.

5. Repeat step 1 to 4 for the next 20 leaves.

The 20gm of extract from 40 pandan leaves. 
6. You can use the extract immediately or place it in an ice-cube tray to be frozen for future use.

This was from more than one hundred pandan leaves. I have many potted pandan plants in my garden. 
* You can also use a muslin cloth to squeeze the juice out from the shredded leaves. I had also used my potato masher to squeeze the juice out.

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