Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Moving On

Day 5

I woke up with some blisters on both my palms and they ITCH like hell! But it was only at the palms. The other parts of the body were not affected.

And then the itch came again at about 2.30pm. This time it was my nose. It felt as though I had feathers tickling my nose nonstop. And then I started sneezing and sneezing AND sneezing and sniffling non-stop. And then the right eye began to itch and I felt as though it was swelling up with hives. BUT there were no hives at all. No swelling. No redness. No nothing. But it was ITCHY to the point that all I could do was rub it. And this went on for two hours.

At about 5.30pm, I took 1/2 a 5mg piriton which is a chlorphenamine. Totally different from Xyzal's group which is Levocetirizine.

The random itching still continued. Eyes still itch. But I was drowsy as hell. I still felt the enormous craving for Xyzal.

Let's see how Day 6 will go.

Day 6

I was a zombie because of the piriton which I took yesterday. The body was still craving for Xyzal but the itching wasn't so bad. The itching came in waves. It will itch for a period of time. And then it will go away. And then it will itch again and then it will go away. It really was like the waves at the beach.

Sometimes when the itch became too great, I used steroids cream (Hydrocortisone) to help me through.

I had very vivid dreams though. It wasn't nightmares or even night terrors. It was just very vivid dreams.

Still had random outbreak of boils and pimples on the skin. Also the ulcers were terribly painful. Couldn't talk or even eat properly.

Day 7

The insane itching (which almost caused me to cross over to insanity) has finally stopped. I still craved for Xyzal.

The good news was that the swelling in the right eye which had been bothering me for many weeks, suddenly disappeared. All this while I had thought it was salicylates or chemicals or even something that I was allergic to. I never thought it was Xyzal that caused it.

(...to be continued)

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  1. Yep, you're a drug addict. LOL I think so many drugs create more problems than the actual reason we take them. Good you are progressing through this.