Sunday, 21 January 2018

Do You Wash Your Grocery Bags?

You go to the grocery store. You then proceed to the place where they keep the trolleys and baskets. You select the cleanest trolley/basket. (That's what you think!) And then you place your groceries into the trolley/basket.

Once you're done selecting your groceries, you head to the counter. You place your groceries on the counter before they are placed into your grocery bags.

You go home and then keep your groceries in the fridge.

You repeat this same routine every time you do your groceries.

Do you ever wonder what kind of germs your grocery bags are harbouring?

Have you seen parents placing their kids in the trolleys? I've even witnessed parents placing their toddlers in the baskets! Just think of where their shoes have been! Public toilets, eateries, the roadside.

And there are those who place raw food with their juices dripping out from the packaging into the trolley/basket.

And then you place your groceries in them!

And in they go into your grocery bags after payment.

And then there are people who mix their raw food with their fruits and vegetables when placing into the grocery bags! That's a NO!

I wash my grocery bags as often as I can. I even wipe clean every single thing I buy home before placing them in the fridge or pantry. I'm sure the cockroaches, lizards and rats are having parties once the store closes for the night.

Don't believe me?

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And if you're not bothered to wash your reusable bags once you've read the links, I've got nothing else to say.

And then you wonder why you're shitting your entrails out....

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