Saturday, 26 May 2018

Shit Happened! (Part 2)

Since things began to settle down, I felt that I had found the cause to the whole December episode. It was the rice bran oil that triggered the whole December disaster. I felt relieved and began to feel better as the symptoms started to go away as the days went by. I felt that I could see the light at the end of the tunnel. 

Boy, how wrong I was. 

The light at the end of the tunnel was a high speed train headed towards me at 430km/h. I was caught like a deer in the headlight. 


The gods of pain came crashing like meteorites. 

The pain at the abdomen was so horrible that I thought something must have ruptured. I had excruciating heart burns (that if I did not know any better, I would have thought that I was having a heart attack). The pain from the heart burn travelled to my back (which had never happened before in my 40 years of life). I had acid 24/7 in my throat and my mouth to the point I could only taste acid and acid alone. It went up to my nostrils and sinus. It affected my ears. And I had such painful gums and teeth that I had to send a SOS message to my dentist. I had my teeth checked and X-rayed. I had healthy teeth and gums there was nothing wrong with my teeth whatsoever. 

I couldn't sleep. I couldn't eat. But yet I still persevered on. 

I tried going back to really basic food like I did 9 years back when I had the anaphylactic attack. It worked for a day. And then WHAM! It came back with vengeance.

I took Nexium (and then doubled the dose). Relief came for a day. And then WHAM again!

I changed the PPI to Pariet which the ER doctor prescribed. It worked for a day. And again, WHAM!

I remembered what my new gastro had told me last year: sometimes, IBS mimics reflux. So I tried all the meds that I have: Buscopan, Dupastalin, Meteospasmyl. And then I tried Ganaton, Motillium and Gaviscon. (I know, my insides resembled a mini pharmacy.) 



That was when my soul and spirit crashed. I felt really shitty. 

I made an appointment to see Mr. Gastro. be continued


  1. You are going to drive me nuts with the "to be continued!" LOL.

    I have joined a bunch of online FB support groups and one person told me her digestive problems (much like mine) were cured with something called "Mutaflor". It seems her doctor diagnosed her with leaky gut and an overgrowth of bad bacteria. This Mutaflor is called a probiotic but in actuality it is a strain of e.coli that kills bad bacteria. It's not well known in the USA because the FDA banned it so we can only get it from foreign countries. What I've read is it's good for IBS, Crohn's, and any number of gastrointestinal issues. Maybe it would help you? But bottom line, it's all about healing the gut and then feeding it with probiotics. I can't remember if you are taking probiotics? I'm going to look into this more...

    1. I have been on LACTO GG probiotics for many years now. You should try to see whether it could kick-start your bowels.