Tuesday, 5 June 2018

World Environment Day 2018

I'm sure by now almost everyone has heard of the term 'Planet Plastic'. Plastic waste has become a morbid disease in which our planet Earth is fighting. It seems to be a losing battle because plastic is so widely used and so easily thrown away.

Click on LINK to read about Planet Plastic.

*picture taken from HERE

*picture taken from HERE
Everywhere you go, you can see plastic litter being thrown away so carelessly. Plastic bags, takeaway food containers, coffee cups, water bottles, disposable spoons and forks and many more.

For many years, I segregated all disposable plastics in one bag to be collected by the garbage truck people when they came to collect the garbage. Unfortunately, many times, the garbage disposal guys either did not take it, tore open the plastic bags and took only certain plastics or just threw the whole bag along with all the other bags of waste.

Malaysia is still very far behind where recycling is concerned. There is no law in our state for separating waste either.

Since last year, I became of aware of the plastics that I dispose off. I've been making it a habit to not use so much plastic. My goal is to reduce my plastic waste to almost zero. It is certainly not easy as everything is either encased, kept, packed and wrapped (sometimes even double and triple wrapped). The organic vegetables are packed in plastic bags everywhere!

*picture taken from HERE

*picture taken from HERE

Here are some of the habits that I have adopted (some are still in progress):

1. No more using plastic straws/disposable cutleries.

2. Slowly progressing to soap bars/shampoo bars instead of bath gels/shampoos/conditioners (which are contained in plastic bottles).

3. Carry shopping bags during grocery shopping.

4. Use glass bottles/containers instead of plastic.

5. Carry own bottled water instead of buying bottled mineral water.

6. Slowly progressing to storing frozen food in reusable freezer containers instead of freezer bags.

7. Use reusable-washable cloth sanitary pads and panty shields.

8. No more using bath gels with microbeads.

9. Pack home cooked food in Thermos/reusable food containers during outings instead of plastic bags/disposable plastic containers.

10. Progressing at a good pace where not buying plastic things is concerned.

11. I give away old plastic containers (which I do not use anymore to people who need/use them). That way they don't end up in the landfill.

12. Buy food that are in glass jars instead of plastic containers/tins. (I'm sure you must be wondering don't I make my own food? Canned chickpeas are lower in FODMAP than cooking raw ones. I don't know why. But that is how it is. So I have to buy canned cooked chickpeas in order to not have a full blown IBS episode. I look for the ones sold in glass jars instead of the tins. Costs a bit more, but I wash and reuse the jars for salt, pepper, baking soda, baked nuts and etc.)

13. Bringing my own food containers out to 'tapao' (take-out) from food outlets for the guys.

You can click on this LINK to read about how this poor whale died from eating 80 plastic bags which is the result of mankind's excessive use/wastage of plastic bags.

Some of you may even think, "This doesn't affect me!". You're dead wrong. The sea-salt that you use has plastic in it!

Click on LINK to read about plastic being found in sea-salt from around the world. And if sea-salt has plastic, imagine the seafood you eat. Imagine how much plastic we are eating everyday.




Let today be the day where you start being more environmentally conscious. Here's to a healthier planet Earth and a healthier YOU!

Good luck!

P.s.: And if you're already living a life of less-plastic, do share your tips!


  1. Excellent work! I started this about ten years ago. It's not easy since nearly everything is packaged in plastic these days. I can get bulk foods or glass-packaged foods at some health food stores, but manufacturers prefer plastic since it costs less. Canned foods often use cans that are coated in plastic so even that's problem.

    So what do you use for garbage bags? I discussed this on an online support group site recently and there aren't many alternatives. Our garbage system requires garbage in sealed bags so something has to be used. The so-called "non-toxic" plastic garbage bags rip easily and fall apart. Finding plastic garbage bags that aren't scented is nearly impossible (although I found some). What do you do?

    1. I still use normal garbage bags. I've been trying to buy those eco-grade garbage bags but they're pretty expensive. And yes, it's like you said, they rip too easily and fall apart.

      We are producing lesser rubbish nowadays since we started being more conscious being environment-friendly.