Sunday, 27 October 2013

1 Week

Finally after a week of never-ending-migraines, sleepless nights, aches, chest-tightness due to a reaction to ginger and grapes, things have started to quiet down. It'll be low-salicylate diet for a while now.

Yesterday was my 12th anniversary and we had a quiet time at home. Quiet, but nice.


  1. Happy Anniversary. Isn't that something. Our systems are so sensitive. I can eat grapes, but maybe that is why I've been getting more itchy skin lately. As soon as it gets cold, I itch. Feel good. I should be staying away from gluten, but finding it very difficult. Love to you, Cynthia

    1. Yes, our systems are sensitive. We have to just find a way around it. Hope all is well with you and your beautiful princess and the little baby. Thanks for the wishes. You take care! :) Hugs!