Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Herd Mentality

It has been extremely windy these past few days. Perfect for kite flying.

Hubby and the little young man have been busy making kites using bamboo sticks, garbage bags, cellophane tapes and fishing string.
They made two of these. And boy, did they fly! It flew so high up in the sky! I was so afraid the they would be ripped off! The wind was so strong.
So high up in the sky! Made me wish that I too could fly so high up without a care in the world.
And then came a man who had a kite with a cartoon character. He said this to Joel, 'Why don't you ask you father to BUY you a kite next time?' in a very condescending tone which implied that Joel's father could not afford to BUY him a kite.

***hole! That was the first thing that came to my mind. Of course I held my tongue. I wanted to see what Joel would say. And his answer made me snort with glee!

'We made it. It was FUN!'


That's my boy.

Which brings me to my next sentence. Why must things be bought? You mean making things on our own means we are poor and that we cannot afford to buy? What kind of mentality is that? So does it mean that a person who sews her own clothes is poor? A person who bakes her own goodies is poor? A person who fixes his own car is poor? This is some stupid herd mentality.

Tuesday is a public holiday. And the boys whom Joel was playing with said that they would meet at the playground for another kite flying session. Hopefully it would not rain and that the wind would still be as strong!

I think my new statement to idiots should be, 'Go fly kite!'

Nyuk nyuk nyuk!


  1. Hooray for Joel! I also don't understand why people are so stupid. And materialistic. Is that man really that stupid to think his expensive kite didn't waste resources by being made? Or his kite was better because it was so expensive and wasted resources and had some stupid cartoon on it? I don't get it, but this is the way of most of the world. There needs to be more public education on the evils of materialism, consumerism, and wastefulness.

    How did that man react when Joel told him they actually made the kite? I hope he was embarrassed that he was so lazy or ignorant to not make a kite. Joel must have been proud. Awesome.

    1. Embarrassed? He actually felt that Joel's answer was stupid and gave him a look of pity! We pity him instead...

    2. What an ass! But so many people don't have a clue. Still, Joel's response was a reflection of your superior parenting skills! At least your son won't grow up to be like that man. It must have taken great restraint on your part not to scream at the guy. hahaha

    3. I refuse to argue with morons..... :P

  2. I love the little drawings on Joel's kite. Very creative. Tell him I said he has/had an awesome kite and to be so proud he made that!