Saturday, 15 November 2014

The Little Red Engine at Dead End's Pavement

Everywhere Little Red Engine went, it became agitated and extremely irritated. Other engines would be guzzling down petrol from various outlets. Some drank premium oil. Others drank very-ordinary-oil. While there were some who drank the middle-range oil. The thing is, everyone drank oil from wherever they were. But Little Red couldn't. It had to drink its very own 'home-made-premium-oil'! And that sucked. BIG TIME. Everywhere that Little Red went, it had to lug its huge jerry can. And I mean literally everywhere. It was becoming a huge burden and a-pain-in-the-ass.

There was once where it tried to drink a little of the 'not-home-made-oil' and Little Red felt ecstatic for the very first time in a very long time as its engine didn't sputter and die. And so it drank a little more and a little more AND a little more.

It started doing a jiggly jiggle but not before long, its engine started coughing, sputtered and died! It had to be resuscitated and it almost lost its engine.

'How could this have happened??!!!' screamed Little Red to the heavens. 'Five years and a half is just way too long!' it shook its bumper in disgust towards the skies.

It wasn't long after that Little Red started going downhill. It was always leaking its engine oil. No matter how many times it was sent to the workshop, no matter how long it stayed at the workshop, no matter what they did to plug the oil leak, it still leaked. At times it leaked at an alarming rate that Little Red was afraid that it would just die at the side of the busy highways and expressways. There were times that Little Red went into dizzy spells while trying to get home in one piece as it just suddenly started leaking for no apparent reason. There were times Little Red had to just stop at the emergency lanes to gather up its strength to continue its way home.

There were many times Little Red felt as though it was going to just veer into the Abyss of Insanity. The panic attacks were crippling. But Little Red trudged on.

And then it happened.

It had to be sent to the special workshop as the mechanics felt that it was flooring its accelerator too hard. Little Red had to 're-learn' how to drive.

WHAT???!!! Re-learn how to drive? It had been driving for almost 20 years now.

'How can this be?' Little Red shrieked incredulously. 'There must be some mistake!' it continued.

No was the answer. In order for Little Red to stop leaking once and for all, it had to relearn many things where driving was concerned. It was back to basics. Little Red had to take a hiatus from life and learn the basics all over again.

At first it was stubborn in accepting the fact that it was unable to drive in a proper manner. It felt victimized. It felt that it was on par with 'professional drivers'. Unfortunately it wasn't so.

The mechanics wanted to pop all sorts of pills into Little Red's engine. The green pill for this. A blue pill for that. A pink pill for everything else. There was no way Little Red was going to be drowned in a a sea of pills.

Thus Little Red snatched its engine back and marched into the Workshop of Life and Health where it will re-learn the basics of driving without gagging on the rainbow of pills.

So when Little Red was in the Workshop of Life and Health, it realised that it has been 'flooring the accelerator' one too many times. It was truly a blessing that a disaster did not happen all this while. It also knew that it had to change its perspective of things and how to take car(e) of itself in a wholesome way.

There were things Little Red could never change, burdens that it could not carry, perspectives where driving was concerned that needed to be set right.

Little Red knew it will be better than ever when it leaves the Workshop of Life and Health in due time (how long it will be there, no one knows as that will be up to the Master Mechanic).

Truly Little Red found a new beginning at Dead End's Pavement.

(At this moment, Little Red is envisioning drinking a huge jerry can of 'premium-grade' oil from a joint somewhere in the midst of a busy street!)