Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Journey in Healing the Gut (1)

It has been two months now since I stopped eating sugar and gluten. I even reduced the intake of oil. In the beginning it was so difficult. I was going crazy with all the smells of food that were around me. I was having cravings so bad I could kill. I was on the verge of clawing up the wall. I wanted to eat everything that I saw and smelt. It was THAT bad.

Today, I have become accustomed to this diet.

I cook, make drinks and bake without sugar.

I don't eat gluten. There are times where I accidentally ingested gluten (as I had forgotten), I end up in severe pain.

The gut has somewhat settled down. And the severe excruciating pain which I had everyday in my shoulder, neck and arms is gone!

But if I eat the 'trigger food', all hell will break loose again.

My trigger list is butter, oil, sugar, gluten, and sometimes beans.

If the IBS returns, then porridge and chicken noodle soup will be the food for the gut until it overcomes the attack.


  1. Porridge and chicken noodle soup? Maybe you guys over there make it different but both have gluten. I would highly suggest eat something else if you have an IBS attack as the gluten would only make it worse. Even if they don't have straight gluten and you make them with another grain, it'll be a cross-reactor which would not be helpful.

    Hooray for healing! I am so happy for you. I think a lot of people never make valuable dietary discoveries and never heal so you have all kinds of reason for celebration.

    Beans...legumes are not on my diet so they probably are not on yours either. And butter...dairy, too.

  2. The porridge is rice porridge. Noodles is brown rice noodles. No gluten whatsoever.

  3. Hello Evelyn. Sorry I've been MIA for a long time. Impressed to hear about your food modifications and so glad to hear they're helping. I'll catch up on your blog now so that I'm up to date. All the best/