Friday, 4 September 2015

The Little Red (That Thought It Could)

For these past few months, Little Red's engine has either been chugging out black smoke or leaking out engine oil. Something was wrong somewhere but WHERE? It was already on a very clean, strict and regimented diet.

The mechanics told Little Red to change her lifestyle.


She had no life what more style?

Maybe she should change her rims to some F1 sports rims?

Or change her engine's horse power to maybe a 4.0?

Or maybe, just guzzle herself to death on diesel.

Little Red thinks the mechanics should just give her an engine overhaul.

Then, maybe, just maybe, she would not keep on farting black oil from below. Or keep on emitting such black smoke almost every day. And that the engine would have some intermission from the constant sputtering.

What Little Red would do to have a normal and functioning engine.

There were days where Little Red would trudge up the little hill to look at lives of others that passed by. Some whizzed by. Some strolled by. But theirs were ongoing.

Little Red had really thought that it could.

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