Wednesday, 30 March 2016

The El Nino Heat Wave Effect

The weather everyday has been like an oven on fire. We had a heat index of 45C last week. Hot is truly an understatement. 

*Minions picture taken from HERE

**For those of you who do not understand what 'Goreng Pisang' means, it is "DEEP FRIED BANANA!"


  1. 113 degrees F??? Good god! Have you eating deep fried bananas? Are they good? They sound horrible.

    1. I haven't eaten deep fried bananas (banana fritters) in a VERY long time. Miss their crunchiness and their super ooooomph taste! HAHA!!!!!

      It's so hot here that some people experimented by leaving eggs on their car dashboard with their cars parked under the sun. The egg was cooked.

      Anything hung out will not only be dry and crispy, it'll be BURNT!!!!!!!!! :P

    2. THEY ARE CRUNCHY??? Wow. I would have thought they'd be mushy.

    3. They are coated in flour before they are deep fried!