Friday, 24 March 2017

It's All About Diet! (An Introduction)

I'm not talking about fad dieting. It's not about FAT dieting either. I'm talking about diets which we have to adhere to in order to live a 'normal life'. A 'diet' which enables us to function, live and yet thrive and be healthy.

But there are so many types of diets out there! Which ones to follow?

The best is to get a dietician to work with us.

Unfortunately, I do not have one. Why? Simply because I could not find one who could understand what my immune system has transformed into.

I had some basic advice from Dr. Yadav. But after that I was on my own.

What to do?

Read up and research. And it's been 8 years of researching.

Thus I will blog about some of the diets that appealed to me and have helped me in becoming stronger.

Disclaimer: If you wish to experiment, please get the advice of your doctor. What works for me may be fatal for you. So be wise in experimenting. be continued


  1. Did you really advise people to find a dietician??? That make me laugh. I can't even imagine any dietician out there who knows anything about chemical sensitivity or my thyroid issues! And it would be a waste of money...and I know you know this. I had to read and research and then practice miracle-levels of willpower to figure out my diet.

    1. I've read about many who found THE dietician who had not only managed to help them but gave them the much needed support. I guess it's a rarity but there are! Unfortunately, you and I did not manage to find one.

    2. I suppose if one is starting with a junk food diet and has no idea how to eat in the first place they would be helped by a dietician who would give them the basics, but I think we are extraordinary cases who need more than just basic nutrition.