Friday, 16 February 2018

Happy Dawg Year

Who Let the Dawgs Out?
"It's the Year of the Dog!" the gods shout.
"Here bark, there bark,
Everywhere bark, bark!" you snark.

"Well, life isn't about the doggy in the window,
The one with the waggly tail," you continue to bellow,
The heavens were silent,
And then the gods thundered like a mighty trident.

"The dogs are loyal,
The dogs are faithful.
Unlike the humans who can be ever so anal,
And extremely ungrateful!"

"The dogs are intelligent and protective,
And ever so playful.
With their noses they are the world's greatest detective.
With them the years would be joyful."

"The Year of the Dog,
Will ward off the fog.
Tough as there will be much challenges,
But there will be much more advantages,"

"This year of the Dog,
Will bring you much fortune,
No longer will your life be waterlogged,
Bad luck will be shortened."

The gods continued to thunder,
In all their might and splendour.
In a mighty unison roar,
They said to all:
"In this year of the Dog,
Go out and conquer the War!"

Wishing you a very 'paws-perous' Chinese New Year!


  1. Great poem. Does that mean if you hate dogs and their horrible barking you'll have a lousy year???