Monday, 5 February 2018


About 4 to 5 months back, I had an infection in the lower eyelid. I went to see a GP and was prescribed Kloraxin gel together with Fucithalmic eye drops.

I was given some very good advice by a doctor I saw about 12 years back. He said when trying new medicine, use one at a time so that if there's any allergy reaction, one would know which is the trigger. Imagine you're given 4 different concoctions and you took all 4 together and then had a reaction. Which is the trigger? You will have no idea.

So I tried Fucithalmic eye drops first. Everything went well.

Then I used the Kloraxin late in the evening. I jumped up from my sleep in the middle of the night with my scalp itching and it felt like it was on fire. And I felt that I was heading towards an anaphylaxis episode.

I got out of bed and washed my eyes. I stayed awake and didn't go back to sleep.

I got a shock the next morning as I looked as though someone had punched me in the eye. Hubby and son said I looked as though I had cried nonstop for hours.

I swallowed a Piriton, called my eye specialist and headed to the clinic immediately.

He told me that normal people with no allergies react to Kloraxin. What more with people like me! He does not even keep Kloraxin in his clinic. He does not prescribe Kloraxin at all!

He gave me another type of antibiotics eye drops which I had used before. That worked very well. The name of the drops is Cravit.

Thank god that the episode did not snowball into an anaphylactic episode!

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  1. Good god! Stay away from that ignorant GP! That's my motto more conventional GPs...they don't know anything.

    That's what I do when naturopaths try to load me up with supplements...only one at a time starting with the most promising. Many years ago I once got around six different pills and my body went crazy so I had to start all over and do one at a time to figure out which ones were bad. All but one created bad and different side effects. Can't trust doctors. They are stupid. :)