Thursday, 18 July 2013

I Lost the Battle!

It's been four months since we had fallen sick. The last time we fell sick was the Influenza B in March.

Last Thursday Joel had a sore throat which progressed to mild fever and then a full-blown flu. My brother was down with it on the same day too.

I hung on until yesterday. I had a sore throat for a week. The fever finally came crashing yesterday and the pain in my throat swelled up to my ears. Currently I'm burning at 101F.

This round my mom got it too....

I had a swab test done and was negative for both Influenza A and B. It's just a normal flu virus.

Many people in Joel's school were sick. Even his principal had lost his voice. And many had sore throats. I think it could have been all the virus and bacteria that was trapped in the haze.

Well, it's soup-time-everyday again. Hallelujah for chicken soup!

Looks like my alter ego 'Miss Clean Freak' wasn't freakish enough! Haha!


  1. You didn't lose the battle!! You're strengthened and your immune system will be stronger......❤❤❤������

  2. Good god...I don't even know what to say. So sorry for you. I wish there was something I could do. Move over here and we can start a little safe community! I just don't know where...maybe Oregon.

    1. Not Portland, which is polluted, but like out in the eastern part of the state where it's prairies...I think?

  3. Oh no! There are so many bugs circulating at schools. Hope you get well soon!