Monday, 21 April 2014

Baking Soda & The Hard Boiled Egg

Don't you just hate it when you have hard boiled eggs and when you peel it, chunks of the egg is stuck to the shell and you get a really gross looking egg?

I found a solution on the internet!

The remedy? Baking soda!

Just add a teaspoon to the water when you are boiling the eggs.
And voila!

You have perfect, smooth as a baby's bottom hard boiled eggs!
Try it!


  1. HAHAHAHA "Smooth as a baby's bottom!" HAHAHAHA That made my day!

    Great boiled egg tip, too. What causes the egg to stick to the membrane? I read once it's due to the eggs being very fresh. I guess the baking soda must change the pH? Or something?

    1. I really have no idea. But it works for me!

  2. I tried it. It didn't work! What did I do wrong? When peeling they felt slippery so I know the baking soda was there. Maybe my baking soda is too healthy? Maybe it only works with baking soda with aluminum in it?

    1. I let it boil and it has a sizzling sound like a carbonated drink. And Iet it sizzle for more than 5 minutes. I've tried it 3 times more and it works like a charm!

    2. I tried it again with a longer boil time and it works perfectly.

      I found online the way to perfectly boil eggs that makes it "fluffy" for a better texture, but I think that is just one person's preference, and it's my habit. Of course, if half the egg is gone by the time you peel it, who cares if it's fluffy. Longer boil time works!