Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The GERD Diet & Lifestyle (Part 1)

In order for my esophagus to heal, I have to keep the reflux at bay. Even though I'm on acid blockers, I have to make sure that episodes of reflux attacks are not triggered.

So here are some foods which are good for people with reflux:

Food Good For Reflux

1. Oats
This low-fat, high fibre meal can apparently sooth the stomach.

2. Bananas
Bananas apparently soothe the stomach but for a small group of people it causes the reflux to throw a hissy fit! So experiment in minute amounts.

3. Grains
Millet, quinoa, buckwheat are some powerful super foods which are packed with nutrition.

4. Beans
An excellent source of protein and fiber.

5. Aloe Vera
I have not had aloe vera for 5 years. I read that it's high in salicylates. Apparently aloe vera is soothing for the stomach. 

6. Ginger
What?! Ginger for the salicylate-sensitive me???!!!! I have to strike this out. 

7. Pasta
Without the red, red sauce that is.


  1. Here are a few links to a different perspective on GERD - I hope you might be able to glean a few bits of info that are helpful to your situation!



  2. Aloe vera heals. It's a miracle. I've had personal experience with it and many friends who have used it to heal wounds, ulcers, etc. But it is high in salicylates so you should be very careful. I don't know if it could cure reflux since what is causing it is an erosion rather than an injury or inflammation, but it could help.

    Notice nearly this whole list is grains or gluten. It is thought grains and gluten cause much of our health problems. Have you looked at the GAPS diet which is a diet that heals the digestive system? I don't think reflux is a digestive problem as I've heard it's caused by the esophageal sphincter eroding so the stomach acid which is what you NEED for digestion is not staying in the stomach.

    1. I'm not trying anything new at the moment. I'm just so mentally tired going through all these things. I'm reading and researching on how to overcome this from every point of view. Thanks. Will read on GAPS.

    2. I'm sorry you have to deal with this.