Monday, 19 May 2014


I was burning at 104F and it wasn't going down. I was dizzy and on the verge of passing out. Hubby brought me to the ER and they placed me on a drip and sponged me. Some blood tests were done and it is a viral infection. I have some bacterial infection too. The doctor said I must be too weak and am a magnet for viruses and bad bacteria. It's not dengue or Influenza.

They had to IV an anti-vomit medication as I was on the verge of throwing up. That medication gave me palpitations but I could eat something that night.

The fever broke somewhere early in the morning but has currently returned though it's low grade.

Coughing seems to be preoccupying most of my time. Joel too is coughing and hacking like a barking seal.

It seems there is an outbreak of HFMD at our area and Joel's school just sent a mail stating that there is a kid with this virus.

Thank you for your positive thoughts and prayers.


  1. Good gracious! Take care! Sending positive thoughts your way. What is HFMD?

  2. good god, I just read about HFMD online!! Sending good vibes your way.