Saturday, 3 May 2014

Water Rationing Over... Is It Really Over?

Though the water level at the dam is only 40%, rationing was called off. They've been pumping water from ex-mining pools into the dam. There has been concerns on how safe the water is as some experts say that mining pools have high levels of metal (such as arsenic and lead) and laden with bacteria.

Though we have been having thunderstorms everyday to the point of flash floods, apparently it hasn't rained much at the catchment areas or the dam. This either means the catchment area is completely bald and devoid of trees or we're being taken for a ride. The dry and hazy season will be here VERY soon and I am worried to how we are going to go through 5 to 6 month of minimal rain with no water in the dam.

As of now, I can taste and smell a very strong chemical smell in the water. A neighbour said that the water smells 'very earthy'. I say it smells like chemical!

Here's a link in 2012 to an article which states that water from mining pool is not suitable for drinking:
Mining pool water not safe for drinking.

But today in 2014, we are being told that it is safe!

Can I have back my safe drinking water??!


  1. You are right not to trust them. It sounds like fancy public relations work getting people to feel confident about the water supply so they don't revolt.