Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Influenza A Positive

By afternoon hubby came down with a temperature. And I started one again in the afternoon which was 99.6 that soon spiked to 102.3.

Shivering, severely nauseated and blacking out I knew I needed to get to the ER again. And I knew that I had some sort of an influenza.

I almost collapsed upon reaching the hospital and they immediately dripped me and gave me the anti-vomit medication and stomach medication through IV. 

They took some blood for tests and swabbed me again. And this time it's Influenza A positive. The other day was a false negative as it was only the first day. 

I'm home and the fever is low-grade again. Still fighting this. Such an exhausting time it is.

It's 1.40am and I am currently trying not to cough out my lungs.

A classmate of Joel's AND his parents are down with high fever and cough too and flat on their backs too. I don't think they've gone for any test yet.