Saturday, 13 September 2014

Cooking For Joel!

Little boy has been having itchy and very inflamed skin reactions for awhile now. At first we thought it was something in the water. Then we thought it was the bathing liquids that he was using. The variety of bathing liquids that we have now is akin to opening a pharmacy! After that we thought it was something he had touched. A few months back his school had sports at a stadium and the kids who sat at a particular area had severe itchy skin reactions. Joel had to be brought to the ER for a steroid and anti-histamine jab.

It has been escalating and not getting any better. The doctor ordered a blood test and the results came back today.

He's very allergic to soy bean, peanuts, eggs, and wheat. He's also allergic to kiwi, carrots, tomatoes, almonds, shrimp, garlic, cow's milk, crab, cheddar cheese, some types of pollens, dust mites and mold. His IgE is a whooping 378. He had a normal level of IgE all these while.

I don't know how or why his system suddenly became like this. I have been asking myself what did I possibly do wrong. Did I feed him something wrong? Did I expose him to something? He was never allergic to any of the food which he is now! What had happened?

So now I will embark on another journey in learning how to cook for him with so many limitations. I guess we will even join him in going wheat-free. 

I will experiment even more now and learn of even more new ways of cooking. May he recover from this somehow and be strengthened!


  1. Poor Joel! I hope he stops itching with his new diet. Let us know how it goes with him. It might be a reaction to something he was exposed to and his body is thinking those foods are the same an autoimmune type reaction. I don't's all a mystery to me.

    What are "bathing liquids"? That sounds scary but I can't imagine you would be using chemicals in your bath on purpose.

    1. Those 'bathing liquids' are the mildest, the least chemicals, no perfume, no lather (no SLS), no funny stuff in them.

      We'll be bringing him to the immunologist/allergist this Saturday to find out more.

      Keeping our fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Why use any chemicals in the bath? Just think - soaking in a hot bath, opening the skin's pores and his body is sucking in all those toxins. That could be causing all those allergies.

    1. We have no tub. Least in chemicals as in the most natural as it can be. No funny stuff at all in them. Joel was commenting one day that they had no lather. I said he doesn't need lather or bubbles to be clean. As long as he cleans himself thoroughly and washed off everything properly, he will be clean.