Friday, 5 September 2014

Lightning Flashes in the Eye

It started yesterday morning. I thought I had some 'eye booger' but there was none! And then it happened again and AGAIN! I then realised that I was having some lightning flashes at the end of my left eye. It progressed as the day went by and the flashes were becoming more and more rampant. I knew something was wrong with my left eye. And I knew it was the concussion that I had two weeks back that was causing this.

I went to the ophthalmologist today and he confirmed that a part of the jelly which is surrounding my eyeball has become detached and the tugging of it on the retina is causing these lightning flashes. This condition is called 'posterior vitreous detachment'. Nothing can be done as of now as there is no tear in the retina. Hopefully when it fully separates from the retina it does not cause a tear. If so, I would need laser surgery to close the tear to avoid losing my eyesight.

Other than that, he said my eyes are at its healthiest compared to 5 1/2 years ago when he first saw me. No allergies, or even dryness. And everything behind is healthy and good. He said that I have come so far! HOOORAY!!!

He also said that I should be grateful as this is the only side-effect that I have after the concussion considering the way I fell and hit my head. He said I had a 'side-way-whiplash'. So the brain bounced sideways inside the skull and this detachment is very common for this kind of fall. I told him that I was and am very grateful. I could be dead or in a coma. Truly grateful to be here typing this!

May my retina not tear!

Click on LINK to read up on this eye condition.


  1. Hooray for excellent eyes and hooray your fall wasn't worse.

    Did it go away or will it go away once it fully tears if it doesn't tear more? Jeez...

    1. I am still having flashing lights as of now. Which means it hasn't detached yet. If it detaches nicely, then there wouldn't be a tear. But if it detaches violently, then a tear is what we are afraid of.