Friday, 19 September 2014

It's A Shrimpy World!

A little bit more than a month back, we sold the old tank and the fishes and got Joel a 50L planted tank equipped with a chiller and canister filter. He wanted to have shrimps. The only Rili shrimp that was left, was finally eaten by the upside down catfish. Joel was devastated. Our climate being so hot, we needed a chiller in order for the shrimps to thrive and multiply. Well, between a puppy and shrimps, I would choose shrimps in less than a heartbeat.

The tank needed a month to be cycled in order for the good bacteria to build its colony. Also any living thing would die with all the ammonia, nitrate and nitrites spikes. I never knew this when we first bought fish for Joel more than a year ago. No wonder the fish would always get sick and died. The shock was just too much for them.

The Blue Diamond shrimp!
The Fire Red shrimps! They really are fiery red!

The Fire Red, Blue Diamond & Orange shrimps!
A very pregnant Fire Red. She has just given birth. The babies are just too small to be captured on my camera. 
Gluttons in a tank.


  1. Fun! Do they get big? Are they more interesting than fish? Seems like a lot of shrimp for a small tank. Does it need to be cleaned as much as fish?

    1. They get about an inch, which is the largest they will ever be. I find them to be more interesting than fish. The moment the tank starts to pack up, Joel plans to sell them back to the shop. With the canister filter it doesn't need to be cleaned as often as with the hang back filter.

    2. *He plans to sell the additional shrimps back to the shop once they start popping non-stop!

    3. What do they do with shrimp? Are shrimp fed to other pets?

    4. Oh no!!! These are exotic shrimps. They will sell them.