Sunday, 14 December 2014

Cooking For Joel: An Update

Little boy's IgE had shot up to 500+. Mr. Immunologist said that he felt very strongly that parasites could be the cause.

Thus, little boy was placed on a 3-day anti-parasites medication.

One month after that course of medication, little boy went for a blood test again.

His IgE had dropped to 100+!

He WAS infested with worms. Eeeeeewwwww!

Obviously he got that from school. Everyone in the house took the anti-parasites medication too.

As of now, we are still very careful with his diet. But he seems to be back to normal. (*keeping fingers crossed!)

But the guys have been following my diet.

I'll blog on that later.


  1. Worms are more common than you'd ever know. I used to work for doctors who believed a lot of our diseases are from worms...especially heart problems. And we have so many pets in the house and people sleep with them, most people have worms and don't know it. If a person has digestion issues, especially constipation, the worms stay too long and can burrow into your intestines and into your blood. They can end up anywhere in your body reeking havoc.

    In the "old" days, everyone de-wormed their kids before school started after they played in the fields all summer, running barefoot through cow shit. Now it's just a taboo subject. It's not just food. It's hands, touching other kids. Everyone uses the bathroom and too few people wash their hands after.

    There are natural deworming careful of the drugs. I write about what I did on my blog after I wondered if all my health woes might be parasite related. They say parasites could be a cause of our autoimmune diseases. I grew up on a farm but I don't ever remember my parents giving us anything for parasites.

    1. Parasites can cause anaphylaxis too!