Friday, 26 June 2015

13 Months!

It was a stellar record. To me at least it was.

For 13 months I managed to fight every virus and bacteria germ that I came across.

I finally succumbed to a very nasty bacterial infection last week which saw my tonsils swell up twice their size. The pain was so excruciating. Not only that, I had ulcers in my throat. And the hacking cough that would not let up made the pain worse.

The infection was so bad that the doctors thought I had dengue as my platelet count dropped drastically.

Thank god it was only bacteria and not viral.

One week of antibiotics cleared the infection.

So it's now back to building the immune system and gut system up and maybe hopefully I can stay strong for TWO years now?? Hopefully.


  1. How horrid! So glad you are better! I am unclear are you going to continue to build the immune/gut system or have you given up?

  2. It was a type. Have corrected it. Thanks for spotting it!