Thursday, 2 July 2015

Recovery Process...

I was hungry 24/7 at every second. It came to a point where I was having cold sweat, severe shaking, tremors, plunging BP to the point of blacking out, blurring of vision and terrible nausea. Something was wrong with me. My calves became so swollen that they were rock hard and I had difficulty walking.

It got so bad one night that I went to the ER. 

The doctor who saw me the previous week when I was down with the bacterial infection became worried as cases like mine could lead to inflammation of the thyroid.

So I had blood tests for the thyroid and kidneys.

All blood tests came back negative.

The doctor said that I could be having post-illness syndrome. He told me to rest. But he told me to see my gastroenterologist if this continued.

I couldn't take it as the severe hunger pangs would just strike at anytime of the day. Having chicken porridge caused my BP to plunged to the point I could only lie down as the dizziness and fainting spells were horrible. I was feeling so down and desperate.

I saw Dr. Rockstar last Friday. 

Dr. Rockstar said the antibiotics had screw up my digestion. Everything became haywire and it could take up to one month for my system to return to normal. I am currently on pancreas enzymes. It's called Pancreatin. It's digestive enzymes. 

There have been 'pockets of relief' here and there. I have to eat even smaller meals and have more protein. 

The good news is I am able to take yoghurt (which my stomach couldn't digest) and also sprouted wheat bread (which was an experiment). This means that all this while I lacked the enzymes to digest certain foods.

It is certainly interesting to see how things are unfolding. I have a follow-up meeting with Dr. Rockstar next week. Let's see what he shall say then. 


  1. Wow, I can't imagine not being able to digest yoghurt.

    When I'm having digestive problems, I take yoghurt to make it better!

    Glad Dr Rockstar has helped somewhat.

    I pray that your health will continue in a good direction. Day by day.