Thursday, 1 October 2015

A Kitchen Helper!

It has been months of searching.

So I finally got it!

Presenting the new Thermomix, TM5!

It cooks!

It stirs while it cooks!

It is a weighing machine!

It grinds!

It chops!

It mixes!

It whisks!

It kneads!

It steams!

It makes ice-cream!

It blends!

It boils!


I was fed-up with constantly having to replace the inner rice pot which peeled after cooking in it for a few months. It wasn't cheap to having constantly buy a new pot. Besides, I had wanted to get a few other cooking gadgets but where would I store them?

So this was the answer.

The all-in-one-cooking-gadget.

I am still in the experimenting mode and will soon post up recipes using this. I think with this, my carpal tunnel will be able to heal after all.



  1. WOW! If it would come with a person who could work it, you'd have it made!

    1. I am already in 7th heaven! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! If I had a person that came with it, I think I would instantly rapture. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!