Saturday, 17 October 2015

The Garlic Peeler, Chopper and Fryer

Isn't it amazing that I no longer need to manually remove garlic from its skin anymore?????

Isn't it awesome that I no longer need to hunch over my kitchen counter-top to meticulously chop my garlic into fine pieces??????

Isn't it wonderful that I no longer need to watch while I fry the garlic pieces in oil (to make sure they don't burn!)???????

The Thermomix can do all the above!

I am one happy person!

1. First, just slice the tip of the bottom part of the garlic.

2. Put the garlic into the Thermomix jug and 5seconds and reverse/speed 5.
(See all skin are removed! No magic needed. Just the Thermomix.)

3. If you want the garlic to be more fine, set time 5 seconds and speed 4.

4. Using the spatula, scrape all the garlic from the top of the jug to the bottom.

5. Add some oil. (The quantity of oil is entirely up to you.)

6. Set 5 minutes/Varoma/Spoon/Reverse. (If the garlic isn't browned enough to your liking, repeat step 6 until you're satisfied.)

Happy Thermomix-ing and bon appetit!


  1. Wow! So, where to the skins go when they are removed?

    1. They fly to the sides of the jug. Basically, all the garlic gets the skin removed. It's like they got 'undressed'! HAHA!