Friday, 6 November 2015

Pain & Physiotherapy

The pain returned and for sure it wasn't the kidneys that were causing it.

The bladder has been functioning well with the prostate medication.

But the pain at the kidney area wouldn't let up. The pain then travelled down to the legs. Numbness, weakness and tingling sensations soon became frequent episodes. Bad backaches and abdominal pains became an everyday routine.

I went for an X-ray and MRI yesterday and the results confirmed what the orthopedic suspected. I have a disc prolapse. I also have multiple Tarlov's cysts in the sacral spinal canal. These cysts most likely have been the cause of my bladder problems and severe abdominal pain during the last few months. On top of that, I have extremely weak back muscle.

Click on Tarlov's Cyst to read more about it.
You can also click HERE to read.

Tomorrow will be my first physiotherapy session. They will be teaching me on how to exercise my back to strengthen it. The orthopedic has also given me specific nerve vitamin (Methycobal) to strengthen the nerves.

On a brighter note, the rest of my spinal discs are healthy. Our discs are actually composed of 80% water. In order for the discs to function properly, it must be well hydrated. He said my discs look like a 20-year-old person's discs. That made me very happy. It's only that one particular disc that has prolapsed. Plus, the cysts.

May the pain be gone as physiotherapy and lots of back exercises begin tomorrow!

P.S: I feel like taking this report and slap those doctors in their faces who said that I was imagining the pain, I wanted attention or that I was stressed out (thus the pain)! Haha!!!


  1. Finally some figured it out!!! Jeez. I think you should take your report and shove it in their faces. Someone needs to tell them they are worthless. I'm going to read about this when I'm finished. Do the exercises really help cysts or a prolapse? You'd think they'd have to be removed, or fixed or something? I'll read...

    Do you walk? I mean fast speed walking? I started having really horrid back pain in high school. In college I had a university clinic doctor tell me to walk at least 1/2 hour every day around 5 miles per hour. Supposedly it keeps your muscles toned so your spinal column doesn't get weak. I did and I do. If I have stopped, my back becomes so painful I can't walk. The only time I stopped for any length of time was when I sprained my ankle not too long ago, but I simulated walking with "prancing" movements. Maybe that would help you too?

    1. 'Prancing movements!' Sounds like good idea.

      The physiotherapy will help strengthen my back muscles. And I have to actively do the exercises at home diligently a few times everyday. By strengthening the back muscles, it will support the spine and prevents it from further deteriorating. It won't heal the spine but will help support it.

      I used to walk. But when the haze is back, I don't.

    2. Prancing works for me the same as walking. Stand in a door archway and hold onto the sides, one leg at a time pretend you are walking. I do 50 each leg and I can feel the tension/tightening in my back around 40. It can be your "Haze Walking". :)

    3. Will try that! Thanks a lot!!! :)

  2. Oh dear...praying for you a speedy and full recovery. Good that you finally know what is the cause!

    1. Thanks! I'm so much better now after the therapy. :)

  3. Get well soon! :)
    I will pray for your recovery. I am glad for you that you are feeling good after therapy.