Friday, 12 May 2017

A Not So New 'Toy'

I got this pressure cooker many months back. This has travelled with us to Penang and to Johor. This pot is quite the traveller!

The best part about this pot is that it can be used with or without its cover. If you want to have fried rice, you can remove the lid and use it like a wok/frying pan.

I've cooked many dishes with this. I've used the bake function with fish, chicken and pork. I've even 'stir fried vegetables' with it. The pressure cooked boiled soup is fantastic.

I haven't tried the cake function yet.

Black eye peas soup
Hairy gourd with scrambled eggs
Fish balls fried rice
Minced pork with potato strips
Why a pressure cooker?

For people like me with salicylate sensitivity, we sometimes can be sensitive to histamine, amines and a whole lot of other stuff. Cooking food for long periods of time releases histamines, amines and glutamates. Thus a pressure cooker can achieve a dish which is supposed to be cooked for a long period of time in a short time.

P.s. Phillips should pay me for the advertisement.... Haha.


  1. That would be a really cool thing to have in a tiny house where one doesn't have room for a stove or oven. I say bake a cake in it and tell us how it goes. Please include name and model number so I can look for it online.

  2. Phillips pressure cooker - HD2139