Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Thermomix Boiled Rice (Revised Version)


1. 400gm rice
2. 1500gm water


1. Place the 400gm rice in the simmering basket and place it in a container large enough for the basket to be covered in water.

2. Fill the container up with water and allow the rice to be soaked overnight.

3. Pour and drain the water away. Rinse the rice a few times under running water.

4. Fill the TMX jug with 1500gm water.

5. Place the simmering basket into the jug, cover the lid (without the MC) and set 21 minutes/90C/Speed 4.

I selected Speed 4 so that the water will wash over the rice. Look at the foam that came from the rice.
6. Once the rice is done, I covered the lid with the MC and let the rice sit in the jug for 1/2 hour before serving.

The starchy water. Apparently plants love this water. I have yet to try giving this water to my plants.
Bon appetit!

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