Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Container Gardening

My son and I have been gardening in containers for almost a year now. We started gardening last year because there were two months of school holidays. And I thought, 'What better way to spend the holidays by being outdoors and enjoy nature right?'

So for the past one year, we’ve been planting all sorts of flowers and vegetables and have reaped much harvest. We apply the organic method to our garden. This means that we do not use pesticides or insecticides for our plants. We’ve learned that different plants attract different kind of pests. We’ve learned how to care for different plants using different techniques. We’ve learned that crop rotation is VERY important in preventing diseases from killing our plants. We’ve learned a lot during this past one year. I've also learned that certain plants will aggravate my condition. And I've gotten rid of them with a heavy heart. But health IS wealth. And sometimes in life, what we like or love is not good or suitable for us. 

Nothing makes us happier than when new shoots or sprouts emerge out from the ground. And when it’s harvest time, we’ll be grinning like the Cheshire cat! Besides, nothing can beat the taste and smell of home-grown vegetables and fruits. Not even the organic vegetables that you buy from the organic mart!

The Siamese Twin Sunflower!!!
The beautiful Japanese roses

The sunflower that was 6 feet tall!


Cherry tomatoes

An assortment of Siu Pak Choy, Spinach, Nai Pak vege
Choy Sum in pots
Red & Green Okra
Okra on plant
Pak Choy
The three bi-colour corn
Tomatoes fresh from the garden!

One of the vegetable harvest
The beautiful okra flower!

The Red Okras
A red okra turning from green to red!

Lantana (which I had to get rid of) :(
Jasmine flower

Japanese roses opening in the morning sun


  1. Oh how I envy you having fresh veggies whenever you feel like it! Organic some more! Yummmms :P keep it up, such great fun and delicious harvest :)

  2. By the way Marina, have you thought of planting herbs in pots in the kitchen? You then can have fresh herbs!

  3. What a beautiful garden, farmers Evelyn and Joel =)

  4. the pictures are so, so, so awesome! I'm hungry now.

  5. You have a very productive and beautiful container garden. Lots of love in there.

  6. Thank you Kadazan Girl! So is yours!! :)

  7. Wow, so awesome...... looks like u've put a lot of effort into it........very well done.......can visit ah?

  8. Thanks Sherman. Garden not very nice now as the weather is very wet. The rainy weather is not doing much good for the vegetables. :( Hmmmm.... How about one visit and you bring a classic bottle of wine from your vats?????? Hehehe...

  9. A really nice beautiful garden filled with love & hardwork. Can i come for a visit someday & get some tips??? Keep up the good harvest :)

  10. Tammie: Thanks! Yes, when it's not so wet! :)