Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Glorious Heavens

Someone once asked me to why I am always taking pictures of the sky above. The only response that I could reply was that the sky above us will ALWAYS be the sky no matter the colour, the weather, the mood, the season or the time. The sky is timeless. The sky is steadfast. The sky tells us of the beauty of this world. And the skies have been here since the beginning of time. And taking pictures of the skies reminds me of how blessed I am to have a second chance to enjoy their beauty.

There are days where there will be storms, hurricanes, typhoons or even blizzards. But after the heavens have vented out its wrath and fury, the sky will return to its glorious splendour.

Sometimes the storm that we see on the horizon never reaches us. And by preparing to face the 'storms' in our lives, we learn many things. We learn how to prepare for combat. We learn how to be vigilant. We learn how to be strong.

And when the storms do come, we stay strong, are strong and continue to be strong. We do not give up. And if we fall down, we get back up. Because the storm will never go on forever. And after every storm, the sun will always come back out to shine. Even though at times it may take awhile for it to come back out! But it will eventually. 

Does this not remind you of an elephant and its trunk?

'The sky is the daily bread of the eye.' - Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. The sky like human have many faces showing many kind of emotions. After all the storm, you know that one day there will be a sunny day.

  2. Yes, there will be sunny days after the storms. We just have to trudge on in the midst of the storm.

  3. hey girl!
    the sky is where we think "heaven" is located. that's why humankind always looks skywards for some sign or other, esp in troubled times. one of these days a monster-size mother ship will appear ....

  4. I did see one the other day!!!!!!!!!!! Ehehehehe.....

  5. The skies r always a beauty after the storm. Do u know when i was a kid, I used to always look up at the skies but not to spot the cloud patterns but instead trying to spot the Care Bears. I still do now esp when in a plane by the window seat. Guess my fav childhood cartoon is still very much in my mind & heart. Hope that u yours is too :)

  6. Tammie: You' re still the same after all these years! Still like a child in many ways. Well, sometimes being child-like and simple in life is the best. Thanks! :)

  7. i like to take pics of the sky a sort of attachment or something to me.

    1. Caren: Yeah, I find it to be de-stressing! :)