Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Blasting the Bombarding Bugs!

I was in extremely bad shape yesterday. I really don't know how I survived. Fever the whole day, eyes that were tearing continuously till my double eye-lids disappeared and my eyes ended up swollen, runny nose, non-stop sneezing, coughing and choking and I lost my voice. It is a miracle I could function yesterday.

I boiled chicken+barley soup yesterday and had it with sushi rice. Appetite was still very bad. Three days of nothing but porridge and soup and sleepless nights had caused my weight to be at 56kg. That is 123 pounds. I knew I had to start eating.

After Joel and I came home after school yesterday, I slept after my bath at 4pm for 4 hours. I was beyond exhausted. I took a Zrytec-D and had a bit of soup and rice and went back to bed. I could definitely breathe better because of the decongestant in the Zrytec. I was able to sleep better than the previous nights even though it was still very disturbed. And I only woke up at 1pm today.

Thank god for my parents. My dad played with Joel after school yesterday. And my mom cooked for us. But she was very stressed as my brother too had caught the bug from Joel and me. He developed a fever yesterday. She did not sleep much last night or the night before. Her migraine was terrible this morning. And the readings of her blood pressure and blood sugar levels were not very 'nice'. She cooked yummy steamed salt-chicken and stir-fried french beans. It was yummy but I still couldn't eat much.

My dad was the driver today. My parents picked Joel up from school. I think I would have driven into the drain today because of the lingering effect of the Zrytec-D. I was definitely in no shape to drive.

I cooked dinner for myself as I suddenly had a severe craving for stir-fried potatoes with sunflower oil and salt. So I made some stir-fried minced chicken with potatoes. I also cooked celery with some carrots and garlic. I still could not eat much but I can say that I am getting better.

Yup, I am blasting the bombarding bugs into oblivion!

By the way, all of you were amazing in joining me at doing the 'hippo-rain-dance'. It has been pouring like crazy on a lot of days and the haze is GONE! Bravo! You guys deserve a loud applause! I will definitely look for you guys whenever we need rain! ;)


  1. Hooray for rain!

    The most natural thing to do when you are sick is to not eat. As long as you keep drinking water, you can go without food for up to six weeks. It gives your body a chance to heal itself because it's not expending energy digesting. But lots of water to flush it out.

    Your poor mother. At least she didn't get sick. Did she have your brother move in so she could take care of all of you at once?

    Can you do ginger? If so fresh ginger tea is good for sweating garbage out of your system.

    1. I drank lots of water and barley. Yup, thank god mom did not fall sick. But severe migraine though. My brother has been staying with me all these while.

      I can't do ginger. Not even the smell. It is high in salicylate. But I WILL definitely try it when I am even stronger. I can eat pepper today which I couldn't 40 months back. Slow and steady will win the race! :)

      I think your rain got blown over here! :) Hehehe...

    2. We have rain today...I'll blow some more over to you. Yeah, ginger is pretty strong so I wondered if you couldn't tolerate it.

    3. You're up extra early today? ;)