Thursday, 5 July 2012

Container Garden - An Update

The garden has been drawing all sorts of lovely bugs to it. There were a few which I have not seen before. And they are amazing!!!

The familiar Periwinkle eater!
This little one fell out of nowhere as I was watering the plants and landed right next to my feet! Imagine if it had plopped on my head! Eeeeeee.....
Another beautiful golden, brown butterfly
This bug is covered in a transparent circle film! I have never seen this bug before!

Mating cucumber bugs doing the gravity-defying-dance!

The red dragonfly
What a beautiful flower! I think it mutated very beautifully!
The dragonfly which had completed its lifespan.
Both zucchini plants died as the cucumber bugs spread the bacteria wilt to them. :( I have never had luck with cucumbers and zucchinis.
The cherry tomatoes are doing extremely well!

Pak Choy in pots!
Pumpkin seedlings

The corn plants and okras.
Red Periwinkle grown from seeds!
Sunflower seedlings
The Yellow-Banded Wasp Moths Mating!
The lemon tree is growing again after being ill for awhile. It was dropping leaves and growth was stunted. 
This caterpillar was attacking the lemon tree! It ate and ate and ate the leaves and strung webs around the leaves. A pest!!!
The beautiful Allamanda!


  1. Awesome! Cool bugs. What is the size of the green Periwickle eater? Your corn looks incredible and your cherry tomatoes yummy. I wish I could eat tomatoes. I used to grow them every year and eat them non-stop until I started experiencing excruciating pain. It was the tomatoes. I'm still growing them but I'll have to give them away this year. Ugh!

    1. It is called the Oleander Hawk Caterpillar.