Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Snapping Turtle

It has been a downhill journey all the way where the hormones are concerned. Pre-menopasue has been reigning and it has further tightened its vice-like grip on this body and suffocating its host. The inability to sleep and the ever-present-rumbling-lava-spewing-volcanic-like-temper has been eating up the warrior to no ends.

Solitary long walks were taken as a measure to relax the mind and emotions. It also served as an outlet to let off steam and to curb the faster-than-lighting-short-fuse.

Sad to say, it was temporary. A few hours after the walk, the persistent irritation that never ceases to gnaw at the insides of the warrior would begin.

And then there were the other two ever present companions - The Insomnia and The Migraine of Hades. The warrior would just drop off to sleep before the head even touched the edges of the pillow. Sometime later, The Sudden Jerk would wake her up. Thinking that it was already 6am, the warrior looked at the clock. To her dismay, it was only 11.30pm! Or worse, 10pm. The wake-up-at-every-hour would begin and by the time the warrior really fell back to sleep, it would really be 6am! And then there were the could-not-sleep-a-wink-until-morning episodes. 

And so this vicious cycle repeats itself every month. It has made its mark and dug its roots deep into warrior's body and soul. 

The Migraine would strike at any time it fancies. Warrior only had migraines if the wrong food were consumed or exposed to smells that were prohibited. Headaches NEVER existed. But now, The Migraine came like a thief in the night, terrorising the warrior. It was a despised visitor who knew no boundaries, no sense of time and left the warrior writhing in pain. 

There were so many times that warrior wanted to end it all. A samurai sword would be effective. Even a pistol would do. Life was getting to be too tedious. Too burdensome. It was getting to the point that it was just not worth the fight. It felt like being continuously sinking and drowning in a never-ending-quicksand. 

Whilst figuring out how to overcome this truly pain-in-the-ass syndrome, warrior had adopted a new name - The Snapping Turtle.