Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Some Respite

The weather suddenly changed and we've been having freak storms everyday to the point the road in front of me is a blur when I am driving.
The mother-of-all-storms!
Hot clear skies!
Before the storms!
Such clear skies after the storms! What a difference.
And then the wind blew the haze back.
So it's been a see-saw. Clear skies, hazy-and-smoggy skies. Clear skies, hazy skies. And most of the time, even though the skies are blue and clear, the acrid burning smell is still ever present in the air. The haze is caused by peat fire breaking out everywhere, rampant open burning and our own pollution. In other words, it is 'home-grown' pollution...
This morning's skies!
I had to seal/taped shut Joel's bathroom window as the acrid burning smell was just awful seeping into his bathroom and bedroom. It smelt like a smoker's room!
Water rationing is still on. And there hasn't been rain at the water dams or catchment areas. Do pray for rain at those areas. Pray till it fills up to the brim! Thank you!

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