Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The Stir-Fried 3-In-1 Baked Chicken Dish


1. 2 baked drumsticks (meat torn into small pieces)
    * For recipe of baked drumsticks, click on LINK
2. 5 medium-sized old potatoes (outer layer removed and sliced into thin pieces)
3. 500gm of french beans (washed and cut into 2cm length)
4. Sea-salt
5. Sunflower oil


1. Pour about 2 teaspoons of sunflower oil in a heated up wok.

2. Add the sliced potatoes and cook until softened.

3. Add the french beans.

4. Cook until the french beans are softened.

5. Add the torn chicken meat and add a dash of sea-salt.

6. Mix all ingredients thoroughly for about approximately another 5 minutes.

7. Scoop up onto serving dish.

8. Serve hot with rice.

Bon appétit!

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