Thursday, 13 March 2014

Surviving Water Rationing

So Monday was the day our area was hit by water rationing.

I was washing and storing water like a guzzler. Every bathroom has a 100+ liters of huge container of water. And then there are pails everywhere. The kitchen has another three 100+ liters of huge containers. And MORE pails everywhere. Then there's the mineral water boxes. The house looks like a water container fiesta. There's water everywhere! But we have no choice. Certain areas did not have their water back after the 2-day mark. I can't take the risk. Not especially with this voiding dysfunction problem which I have.

So here are my ways in overcoming this difficult time:

1. Store water in every part of the house available. 
Every container that you've got, use it. Place them at places not far from where you need to use them. You would not want to be lugging these tens-of-kilograms-pails all over the house. Any spillage is a waste as every DROP counts!

2. Bottled water
I bought boxes and boxes AND boxes of water. Friends whose areas which have been having water rationing said that the water supply that was back after the rationing was yellow and muddy. It was DIRTY! We can't have drinking water like this! Thus store up on mineral water! Store! Store! Store!

3. Wet wipes
Wet ones/wipes are a must. If you can't wash your hands, you can at least wipe them with wet wipes. You can wipe your bum-bum. Or those smelly armpits. Or wipe things or stuff that become dirty.

4. Disposable plates/forks & spoons/cups.
You'll not have water to wash yourself what more plates and cutleries. At this point you'll just have to make do with disposable stuff.

5. Thinnest clothing
I think shorts and t-shirts are the best clothing to wear now. The smaller they are the less to wash. Pants and long skirts and long sleeve shirts to me are out! I  have to ration water to wash myself, what more big pieces of clothing!!!

6. Keep water in washing machine (If top loading)

7. Disposable undies/pads/panty shields.
Use disposable everything. If they had disposable clothing for sale, I would buy them!!!!

8. Reusing veggie water to water plants

9. Cook in bulk and keep in freezer.
And if you can tolerate canned food keep them.

10. Try not to move so much. 
Less sweat = less baths!

If you have any other pointers to share, feel free to do so!


  1. Oh, I was just wondering last night how water rationing was going.

    Are you sure you want to use wet wipes? Toxic...

    Keep in mind, humans didn't bath so much in the old days. You CAN go without washing. We aren't used to it and we are so sensitive to the body odor of others, but it can be done. Better to have enough water to drink.

    If you do bath or shower, use that water for watering plants, too. Because of your body oils, it works as a great bug deterrent! But be sure not to use any toxic soaps or lotions as it might kill the plants. Only natural soap or no soap at all. I rarely use soap. Water has a pH of 7 which is good enough for cleaning.

    Don't eat salt as it makes you thirsty. Same with salty foods like pizza, etc. or sugary foods that will make you want to drink water to clean your system.I know you don't eat that stuff but your husband and son do so let them know.

    Panty shields are awesome. You can wear the same clothes for days without having to wash them!

    I'll try to think of more ideas. I'll be thinking of you. Good luck.

    1. The temperature is 37C and it's so hazy that it has reached hazardous! Joel's school was closed today because of the haze. It is bloody freaking hot that we have the air-con switched on 24 hours. I am going crazy with this haze........ And we have no water again today......... AAAAAAAARRRRGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!