Thursday, 15 August 2019

Thermomix Fried BeeHoon (Rice Noodles/Vermicelli)


1. 1/2 clove of garlic (peeled)
2. 60gm sunflower oil
3. 100gm taugeh (bean sprouts)
4. 100gm carrot (grated)
5. 500gm minced chicken (seasoned with sea-salt, oil and potato starch)
6. Pepper (optional)
7. 500gm of bee hoon
8. 300gm of hot water
9. Sea-salt
10. TMX chicken powder seasoning


1. Place carrots into TMX jug. Cover with lid and MC. Set 5seconds/speed 5.

2. Scrape down the grated carrot from sides of TMX jug. Add the garlic and oil.

3. Set 5mins/Varoma/Reverse spoon.

4. Meanwhile soak the beehoon. After the beehoon is softened, drain the water away. Set beehoon aside.

5. Add the minced chicken and set 10 mins/Varoma/Reverse spoon. At about 6 minutes, add the taugeh (beansprouts) through the hole in the lid. Replace the MC on the lid.

6. Next, add the TMX chicken powder seasoning, sea-salt, pepper (optional), beehoon and hot water.

7. Set 5 minutes/Varoma/Reverse spoon.

8. Use the spatula to mix it thoroughly.

9. Pour onto serving dish. Serve hot.

Bon appetit!

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Steamed Minced Pork & Egg


1. 500 gm of minced pork belly (seasoned TMX chicken powder seasoning and potato starch)
2. 4 eggs
3. Spring onions
4. Sunflower oil


1. Mix all ingredients above and place inside a steaming dish.

2. Place in steamer and steam for 1/2 hour.

3. Serve hot with rice.

Bon appetit!

Monday, 5 August 2019

Thermomix Mince Meat


1. 500gm of chicken breast (about 3cm cube size - PARTIALLY FROZEN)
    - You can use any kind of meat (pork/beef.. etc)


1. Place approximately 100gm into TMX jug. Close the lid AND mixing cup.

2. Set 10seconds/Speed 6.

3. Scoop up the minced meat into a bowl. Repeat step 2 with the rest of the partially frozen meat.

4. Many feel that the jug will be hard to wash after meat is minced in it.

5. Add 1L tap water and a drop of dish detergent.

6. Set 6 minutes/Speed 6 (Switch blade back and forth from Reverse to Normal)

A clean jug and no scrubbing needed!
7. Proceed with removing the parts and wash normally with no rigorous scrubbing needed!

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Thermomix Mashed Potatoes


1. 1000gm Russet potatoes (peeled and cut into pieces)
2. Approximately 800gm water
3. Sea-salt
4. Black pepper (optional)
5. 100gm Sunflower oil


1. Place all ingredients inside TMX jug.

2. Set 30mins/100C/Speed 2.

3. Once the temperature reaches 100C, allow to cook for another 5 minutes before turning it down to 90C.

4. Once the mashed potatoes are done, set 5seconds/speed 3 to puree it.

5. Pour onto serving bowl and serve hot.

Bon appetit!

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Leonardo Opera Omnia Malaysia

I managed to visit the National Art Gallery in Kuala Lumpur last weekend which is currently having Leonardo da Vinci's Opera Omnia exhibition. Leonardo Opera Omnia was first shown in Italy and it is now on a world tour. All of the works are high-definition digitalised reproductions. They are not the real art, but no less spectacular. They were truly amazing. I was in awe.

The beautiful Mona Lisa!

The famous Last Supper.
The exhibition is from July 15th to August 15th 2019! Go if you have not been to it. It's worth the time. Admission is FREE!

Click on LINK to read more about this exhibition.

Saturday, 20 July 2019

Thermomix Butter Cake


1. 250gm of unsalted butter (softened at room temperature and cut into cubes)
2. 80gm of vanilla icing sugar (refer to previous post)
3. 5 chicken eggs (room temperature)
4. 80gm oat milk
5. 250gm organic self-raising flour (sieved twice)


1. Preheat oven to 160C. Line a baking cake tray with baking paper.

2. Insert butterfly whisk into TMX jug. Place butter and sugar into jug and set 1 1/2 mins/speed 3.5.

3. Set 40seconds/speed 3.5. While it is whisking, add the eggs one at a time and alternate with the milk through the hole in lid.

4. Add the self raising flour and set 20 seconds/speed 3.5.

A very smooth batter!

5. Transfer cake mixture to baking tray and bake for 40 mins or until golden brown.

6. Allow to cool before serving.

Bon appetit!

Yummy to the tummy!

Monday, 15 July 2019

Thermomix Vanilla Icing Sugar


1. Vanilla sugar (I buy vanilla pods and place them in the sugar.)

I keep this for baking.
The vanilla pod inside the sugar.

1. Place about 200gm of vanilla sugar into the jug. Cover with lid and mixing cup.

2. Set 15 to 20 seconds/speed 10.

3. Wait for a few minutes for the 'sugar dust' to settle before you open the lid and mixing cup.

4. Scoop up the icing sugar into airtight container.

5. Repeat step 2 if you have more sugar to grind.

6. Store in fridge or in a cool place.

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Madame Lady Bug

In a hill far away from civilisation, lived a colony of bugs. It was a quaint little bug town. The bugs who lived there came in all shapes, sizes and colours. Every day, you would see the town at its peak at the morning market. And it was during one of the usual morning market where it all started.

Madame Lady Bug was one of Bug Town's oldest resident. Being one of the town's oldest resident, she was made to be one of the council members. Queen Bee was the mayor of Bug Town. There had been peace for as long as anyone could remember.

One day, a new bug moved into Bug Town. She was a millipede and her name was Milli Snow. Why Snow? Because she was an albino. And she wasn't the usual millipedes that were in Bug Town. She was shorter and bigger as she was a pill millipede. Milli Snow had a pet whose name was Ghost. Ghost was abandoned as a maggot and would have died if Milli did not rescue it. Ghost was very loyal to Milli Snow. Ghost took upon himself to be Milli's protector.

When Milli moved into Bug Town, she was amazed by the town's peace and tranquility. It was unlike any other place she had known. Her neighbours were kind and helpful too. They didn't judge her because she was an albino.

After a few weeks had passed, Milli and Ghost finally settled down. They decided it was time to visit the morning market. 

As they browsed by the stalls, they were greeted by a friendly voice, 

"Hello there! You must be our new resident!" 

Milli turned around and saw a very beautiful ladybug. Milli smiled and replied, "Yes, I am. I'm Milli Snow and this is Ghost." 

The ladybug nodded at Ghost and smiled at Milli and said, "I'm Madame Lady Bug. Welcome to Bug Town." 

Milli Snow wanted to get some fruits but it was hung up too high up for her to reach. Madame Lady Bug requested the stall owner to help bring it down for Milli. The owner was busy and asked Madame Lady Bug to fly up and help get it for Milli. Madame Lady Bug was incensed at the suggestion and was about to give a piece of her mind to him. But Ghost flew up and got the fruits for Milli. Milli felt it was weird that Madame Lady Bug would be bristled by such a non-threatening suggestion. But she came to the conclusion that most likely Madame Lady Bug wasn't feeling well enough to fly. She did seem rather elderly.

The three of them started spending a lot of time together. Madame Lady Bug would always drop by Milli's place with all sorts of flowers and fruits. And she would bring them for walks around Bug Town. 

Milli did ask around about Madame Lady Bug not being able to fly. No one knew the exact story. No one seemed to remember Madame Lady Bug flying about. No one had ever been to her bug hut either. Milli thought that it was strange but did not give it much thought. Maybe Madame Lady Bug had injured her wings. Maybe she preferred to visit others instead of the other way round.

As time went by, Milli felt a bit uncomfortable as Madame Lady Bug would to try to 'change' Milli. When Milli wanted to buy a particular new pair of sunglasses at the morning market, Madame Lady Bug would 'persuade' her to change it to another one. Madame Lady Bug would 'gently insist' that the other one looked better on her even though Milli did not fancy that one. 

When Milli wanted to go walk in the forest next to Bug Town during the night, Madame Lady Bug refused to let her go as she had a very frightful encounter in the forest when she was younger. Milli said that she would go with Ghost as she would really like to have a look. She had heard countless stories from her neighbours that it was a beautiful place during the night. Besides, some of the neighbours were going too and a band of them bugs would be formidable to any foe. Madame Lady Bug became so agitated and fearful that she was on the verge of a fainting spell. It really looked like she was going into a full-fledged panic attack. Milli decided not to go and accompanied Madame Lady Bug instead. Madame Lady Bug was relieved. She then told Milli that she was doing it for Milli's own good. All she ever wanted to do was to protect Milli.

And then Madame Lady Bug would feel upset if Milli didn't view certain things in the same light as she did. She felt that Milli didn't 'support' her. Milli found that the group of millipedes were a cool group to hang out with even though they were from a different subspecies and that they've never encountered an albino millipede before. They accepted her as she was. But Madame Lady Bug dissuaded her from doing so because she and the group of millipedes did not see eye to eye to how certain things in Bug Town was done. She was upset that even though she got the council to approve extra budget for the maintenance of their millipede hang-out, they could not even support her by agreeing with her. Milli told her that it was ok to agree to disagree. And that each and everyone had their own point of views. And that there was nothing wrong in doing so. Madame Lady Bug threw a fit and gave Milli the silent treatment for weeks. 

Milli thought maybe Madame Lady Bug was right. She was 'elderly' after all. Maybe she did know better. 

Milli went and apologised to Madame Lady Bug. Things became 'normal' again.

One day, Madame Lady Bug pulled Milli aside and suggested to her that the both of them should go for a short stay at the lake which was at the end of Bug Town. 

"What about Ghost?" Milli asked. 

"You shouldn't have rescued him Milly," said Madame Lady Bug in an exhausted tone. "He's a pest, not a pet. For bug's sake, he's a fly! He belongs at the place where all the pests live. Not with you!"

Milli was shocked. Ghost was her companion who had served her with no complains as he was grateful to her for rescuing him.

"How can you say that?! He's a living bug too!"

"You know nothing Milli Snow!" retorted Madame Lady Bug.

As they were arguing, the ground suddenly trembled. 

As they both ran out of Milli's little cottage, bugs who could fly started flying away. Others crawled away as fast as they could. Ghost who was in the garden flew to Milli and hooked his legs around her to carry her up in the air. 

Bugs started shouting that they saw tractors and bulldozers excavating right next to their town and that they were heading towards them. Soon their whole town would be in ruins. 

As Ghost struggled to lift Milli up in the air, she screamed to Madame Lady Bug to fly. 

"Fly Madame! FLY!!"

Two of Milli's neigbour flew towards them to help Ghost lift Milli as he struggled with lifting her up higher. As they lifted up, the ground shook even more. 

Madame Lady Bug was knocked off her feet and her wings fluttered on automatic response. To Milli's horror, hundreds of tiny little crates flew out from under Madame Lady Bug’s wings and scattered in all directions. Madame Lady Bug frantically tried to collect them and stuff them back under her wings. And then they dropped out again as she flew around in a panic frenzy. And as she tried to collect them, the ground shook and opened up. It swallowed Madame Lady Bug alive.

The residents who made it out alive from Bug Town congregated at the Forest. 

Queen Bee said that the whole area was being torn down. Soon the Forest would be next. They could not take refuge in the Forest for long. Queen Bee said that scouts were sent out to locate a safe place to move to. And they would be back with word soon. And they would all move out at the break of dawn.

Milli spoke up and said, “I need to go back to check on whether there are others who had made it out alive. They would need our help.”

The bugs voiced their disapproval. It was too dangerous and risky. Milli said that she would be back before dawn. She would hide in the darkness of the night and be alert. She needed to do this. She then left with Ghost.

When they got back to Bug Town, there was nothing that resembled it anymore. It looked like a major hurricane had ripped through their town. Milli and Ghost went to the spot where they saw Madame Lady Bug got swallowed alive. And they began to dig. As they dug, they came across the miniature crates that had flew out from under Madame Lady Bug’s wings. They set them aside. After they had dug for half an hour, they finally found Madame Lady Bug. But she was already gone. Even when faced with death, she would not let go off those miniature crates. Milli then opened them, one by one. Milli gasped when she saw what was inside them. Inside every single crate, were pictures of different bugs with a big red X crossed over their faces! And every picture had a date written on it and what they had done to her. 

“Mr. Centipede spread vicious lies about me saying that I had said horrible things about him,” written on Mr. Centipede’s picture.

“They laughed at me and called me ugly because I had mud splattered all over me,” written on the picture of The Butterfly Sisters.

“She IGNORED me,” written on another picture. 

“He wouldn’t follow MY way,” said another picture.

“She disagreed with me,” written on Milli’s picture. 

Every picture was the same. The pictures were crossed by a big red X, the offence and the date it happened. 

Milli cried as Ghost hugged her. Madame Lady Bug chose a life of keeping all these crates filled with hurt, resentment, bitterness and anger under her wings than to live a life with the freedom to fly. She chose death over life. Milli had never felt so sad in her entire millipede life. 

Suddenly, Milli noticed a crate which was still stuck under Madame Lady Bug’s wing. She and Ghost tried to remove it but they realised that it had been under her wings for such a long time that it was fused as one with her tiny body. Milli and Ghost pulled the crate with such force that it broke and out fell many faded pictures. One of the pictures was a picture of two adult lady bugs hugging many mini lady bugs. Everyone was in the group hug except for one mini lady bug in the background. That bug was crying. 

Written in red bold letters across the picture, “THEY CHOSE THEM OVER ME!”

On other pictures were written:





They buried Madame Lady Bug and all her miniature crates. Milli had one last thing she had to do before they went back to the Forest. She told Ghost to bring her to a place.

The little hut was in ruins but they both somehow managed to enter. What appeared before them was even more shocking. Thousands upon thousands of broken miniature crates were strewn all over the place with even more pictures marked with big red Xs. This was why no one was ever invited to Madame Lady Bug’s hut. Milli went around digging and searching. She then finally found what she knew would be there. 

In the midst of the rubble, stood a jewelled crate. As she opened it, there was another very old, faded and torn picture of the same ladybug family. 

Not only was the picture marked repeatedly with huge, red Xs, it was pierced over and over again with something sharp. 

“I HATE THEM!!!!!!!!!” was written in bold letters. 

And in very bright, red ink, this was written at the back of the picture, “THEY ABANDONED ME! THEY SAID THEY DID NOT LOVE ME!”


“Forgiveness has nothing to do with absolving someone’s offense or betrayal. It has everything to do with relieving oneself of the burden of being a victim – letting go of the pain and transforming oneself from victim to survivor.” ― C.R. Strahan

*picture taken from HERE

Friday, 5 July 2019

Stomach Woes (Part 2)

Before I went to see this new doctor, I saw that he wrote a lot of articles about the gut. He also uses the trans-nasal endoscopy method which is scoping the stomach through the nose. I've never heard of this before!

So the appointment day came and I went to see him. 

He was very attentive, patient and thorough. He asked about my gut history and listened like how Mr. Gastro did when I first saw him. 

Not only did he listen, he explained the works of the gut and how he had to do a endoscopy and colonoscopy to make sure nothing was wrong with my gut before moving on to solving my stomach woes. He drew diagrams and explained how the gut works and how all the digestive parts are interlinked to each other and how symptoms in one part could be totally something else instead. 

The best part was he does not want his patients sedated during the endoscopy and colonoscopy because he wants them to be aware and ask him questions! He wants to educate his patients. 


This was the first time I was hearing this. 

He was very alert as he noticed that I was wearing a Medic Alert bracelet. He then asked me about the history of my allergies. 

He is also a doctor who does not want his patients to suffer. Thus, the drinking of the gasoline-tasting-diarrhoea-inducing-drink was not to be taken at night. I was to be in the hospital by 7am and I would start the drinking then. He did not want his patients to be up all night shitting their guts out and then be like the Walking Dead in the morning before the scope has even started. 

The day before the scope, I received a phone call from the nurse. She instructed me to only have porridge the whole day and to stop eating after dinner. I was not to have any fruits, vegetables or dairy products. Only fish or chicken porridge. 

I took an Aerius after lunch to safeguard myself since Lydocaine could no longer be found in Malaysia. I had to have a different numbing spray: Cophenylcaine. This was taught by Dr. Yadav my immunologist/allergist. 

When I arrived at the endoscopy department, the nurse took some blood for tests and left the IV needle in my right hand. They said that the doctor had told them about my allergies and they had prepared hydrocortisone just in case I became allergic to the nasal spray. She then instructed me to finish drinking the 1st bottle of Fortrans within 1 hour! And then I was to proceed with the 2nd bottle. 

Before I was even done with the second bottle, my bowels were cleared. And it was done within two hours.

I then went into the room to be scoped. The nurse placed my Epi-Pens on the table next to me (which was a first time!). 

And then I heard heavy metal music! I wondered whether I had shat my guts out to the point that I was hallucinating. It turned out that this gastroenterologist loves heavy metal music and he played Iron Maiden while he scoped me. 

The doctor then started with the colonoscopy first. He uses the pediatric size scope! Less discomfort and the accuracy and function is as good as the dinosaur-sized scope. Halfway through the scope as the colonoscopy tube was turning in my intestines, I suddenly felt a very sharp pain. I immediately grabbed the railing of the bed like I always did back with Rock Star. This doctor immediately stopped and told me to relax and not grab the railings. By doing so, I would clamp up and that would make the scope painful. He then asked me to point to him the location of the pain. He then pulled the scope out and slowly moved in again on the opposite side of the colon. There was no pain and he continued. It took about a bit more than 10 minutes to finish the colonoscopy. He explained a lot and told me what he was looking for as the scope was going on. I asked a lot of questions too. 

And then the nurses turned the bed around while he changed his gloves and gown. 

He then checked which of my nostrils had a clearer passage. After he had determined that my right nostril was the way the scope would go in, he sprayed Cophenylcaine and waited for 5 minutes for any allergy reaction. Once 5 minutes passed with no allergy reaction, he then sprayed 4 to 5 times at an interval of every 5 minutes. The spray was a decongestant and also a numbing agent. 

He then placed the trans-nasal endoscopy (which is less than 6mm in diameter) into my right nose. I could SPEAK as he did this scope. I did not gag. There was no horrible discomfort of the giant tube going down the esophagus. He showed me the back of my nasal cavities, my voice box, my esophagus and my stomach. 

My stomach was inflamed! It looked like I had measles inside my stomach. 

I had no H pylori, no ulcers and no bleeding. He had no idea why my stomach was inflamed too. It could have been triggered by the chicken pox and my stomach just couldn't heal. All biopsies were clear. 

I was placed on two months of Pariet which is a PPI. And he told me to cut down on VEGETABLES! He believed that the amount of vegetables that I was eating was the culprit to my IBS. I was hesitant as I needed the vegetables to poop. He told me to bulk up on fibre and increase my liquid intake. 

"DRINK LOADS OF WATER!" was his advice. 

With nothing else to lose, I embarked on a 'less-vegetable-diet'. The IBS actually settled! I became almost normal. Plus with the PPI, the upper middle abdomen pain which I had 24/7 for 8 months lessened. As the days and weeks went by, I had bigger pockets of pain-free period. I could eat again. The only set-back was going to the toilet, wasn't as smooth and short as before. The doctor said I had to experiment and find out what works best for me. As I experiment, he would guide me and work together with me to help me get back my life on track. Even if it's not 100%, it would at least be better than what I was. Of course I would be lying if I said I wasn't sceptical. But he said one must have hope. I replied that I've been hoping for so many years now that I've reached the stage of complete burnt out. He told me to take it easy and to try again.

And so that's what I have been doing. 

(I did not have any side effects from the spray nor the trans-nasal endoscopy.)

Here is the the LINK to go to if you are in Malaysia and in need of a gastroenterologist.

Click HERE to read his article on 5 Foods You Don't Have to Cut Out From Your Diet in 2018!

Click HERE to read his article on More Than One Way to the Stomach.

Click HERE to read his article on To the Stomach and Beyond - Via the Nostril?

..... to be continued

Sunday, 30 June 2019

Stomach Woes (Part 1)

Ever since I came down with chicken pox end October last year, my gut has not been the same. I have not been able to eat most of my meals without ending in pain, bloating which made me feel as though I was a balloon, retching up acid, heartburn which resembled a heart attack and intestine rumblings which sounded like there was a full symphony orchestra playing a sonata at fortissimo and vivace.

Nothing worked even though I swallowed all the necessary pills which used to work. I'm sure my gut resembled a pharmacy.

I tried restricting my diet even more. Even the non-FODMAP food were causing problems too! It came to a point that drinking water too caused stomach woes.

I went to see Mr. Gastroenterologist who did a few tests and placed me on different medication. But nothing worked. And every test result came back perfect.

And then I started to have loose stools.

Mr. Gastroenterologist took some stool samples but it was perfect too!

Mr. Gastroenterologist then told me that sometimes the stomach goes bonkers for a period of time after a severe viral infection. I'm most probably in that state and that I need drugs to help tie me over till it settles back to normal again. How long is anyone's guess. In the meantime, I had to go on a soft diet. I asked for a period of one month before I go back to see him again. I needed time for the drugs and the soft diet to work.

Unfortunately before one month was over, Mr. Gastroenterologist had to go for an emergency surgery and he has been on medical leave ever since. And I had not gotten any better.

And then in May, I was struck with such crippling pain to the point that it felt like I was having an appendicitis! (I've had an appendicitis about 10 years back and had my appendix removed.) I couldn't move, I couldn't eat. I could just curl up on the sofa in pain. I needed help ASAP!

But who should I see?

I knew that I couldn't go back to see Rock Star. He would just prescribe me Nexium, sleeping pills, anti-anxiety pills, pat my hand and tell me that I research too much and that I'm stressed.

Who then should I see?

I went to a GP nearby my house to get a referral letter. He suggested that I see his university mate who is a gastroenterologist. I thought why not give him a try. But the gnawing feeling in my gut would not leave me in peace.

So I searched and looked up on the internet for all the gastroenterologists in 3 hospitals. And then I saw this doctor and my gut started screaming that this is the guy that I'm supposed to see!

So I made the appointment......

..... to be continued

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Kill Ya Fresh!

Sometime back in March this year, I sent my car for its annual wax and polish session after the car was serviced. This year, I tried it at a car wash shop/spa which is very near my house. I had sent my car to this shop for it to be washed for almost a year. This wasn't a new place that I was trying out.

They recommended that I have my car air conditioner washed with this Klima Fresh as it kills mold, fungus and mildew. It also get rids of odour from the air conditioner coils. The car would be fresh! I questioned them on whether it is perfumed and they said no. I then agreed to try it out.

Worst decision ever!

Because I was bested by a horrific allergy-migraine, my judgement was impaired. The voice that was screaming NO inside my gut was drowned out by the pain in my head.

My heart sank the moment I got my car and turned on the air conditioner. The fake lemon-ey smell and chemical fumes were awful beyond words.

I called the usual guy at my car service centre and asked him about getting the air conditioner coils washed to clean out the smell and chemical. He said I would need to leave the car at the workshop for 3 days! They would need to remove the whole air conditioner coil and soak it in a solution!

I needed my car everyday! Thus, I resorted to a few tricks which I hoped would work.

Every morning and evening I would let the engine run with all the doors opened. I would switch off the air conditioner button and let the outside air in through the vents. I also set the temp to maximum. I did this for about 45 minutes for each morning and evening session.

The chemical still lingered.

I wore masks every time I entered the car. I wound down all the car windows and let the outside air in as I drove.

I placed green tea bags in containers inside the car!

I even changed my old car air purifier to Medklin as this model removes smell.


And then one day, I parked the car under the hot sun by chance as there were no parking spots in the shaded area. This was during the time of the heat wave. I realised that the chemical smell had lessened!!!!!!!! I then parked it under the hot sun for a few more days. I left the windows slightly opened too!

I could kiss the sun as the god awful heat did the trick.

I learned my lesson. Never ever not listen to the gut feeling even when I am dying from pain. Never ever listen to people when they say that there is no smell.

What are Klima Fresh's ingredients you ask? Halogenated hydrocarbons, ethanol, benzyl alchohol, LINALOOL and d-LIMONE!!!!

Thursday, 20 June 2019

Epi Pen Shortage June 2019

Some Epi-Pens expiration dates are extended due to the shortage.

Click HERE for detailed announcement.

Saturday, 15 June 2019

Thermomix Minced Pork & Soft Tofu


1. 400gm of minced pork belly (seasoned with sea-salt)
2. 1 pack of soft tofu (300gm)
3. 1 cup of filtered water
4. Sea-salt
5. Pepper (optional)
6. Cooking oil
7. Spring onion (the dark green parts) (chopped into small pieces)


1. Place all the ingredients inside the TMX jug.

2. Cover with the lid and mixing cup.

3. Set 25 minutes/100C/Reverse spoon.

4. Once it is done, pour onto serving dish and garnish with some spring onions.

5. Serve hot with rice.

Bon appetit!

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Pressure Cooker Beef Stew


1. 500gm beef (cut into chunks)
2. 5 to 6 potatoes (peeled and cut into chunks)
3. 3 carrots (peeled and cut into about same size as potatoes)
4. Sea-salt
5. Coconut nectar/maple syrup
6. Cooking oil
7. 500ml water
8. Tapioca/Potato starch
9. Pepper (optional)


1. Place all ingredients above into pressure cooker pot and cook for 1/2 hour.

2. Serve hot with rice.

Bon appetit!

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Grilled Fish


1. 2 or 3 mackerel fish (washed and cut slightly at the belly part)
2. Sea-salt
3. Cooking oil (sunflower or any other oil which you are able to tolerate)
4. Pepper (optional)

(season overnight in fridge)


1. Preheat oven set to grill.

2. Line a baking tray with baking paper.

3. Lay the fish on the tray and grill for 45 minutes until crispy.

4. Serve hot with rice or eat it by itself.

Bon appetit!

Monday, 20 May 2019

Thermomix Beef Broth


1. 300gm washed beef (parts for boiling stock)
2. 1 large potato (skin removed and cut into 6 parts)
3. 1 large carrot (skin removed and cut into 6 parts)
4. 2 stalks of chives (spring onion) cut into 2 cm in length (use only the dark green part)
5. A bunch of celery leaves
6. Sea-salt
7. Pepper (optional)
8. 1.8L water


1. Place all ingredients into TMX basket. Fill water to the level slightly lower than the word 'MAX'.

 2. Set 2hrs/90C/Speed 1.

3. Once it is done, remove the basket using the spatula.

 4. You can eat the beef parts and the carrots.

Bon appetit!