Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Home Sprout Mung Bean Sprouts

Mung bean sprouts are low in salicylates. And they are my favourite type of sprouts. But I dislike the sprouts that are sold in the supermarkets. Even the ones in the organic shops. They all have a particular 'smell'. They tend to smell very sour.

And so that was how I started to sprout my own mung bean sprouts.

I searched the Internet for the best way to sprout as most of the commercial ones are grown with chemicals and gasses in 500 galloon machines. (click here)

There are various ways and methods to home-sprouting. But I found that this method which I used, suited me very well.



1. 400gm of organic mung bean sprouts
2. A container with a tray
3. Tap water


1. Wash the beans thoroughly with water and check for spoilt or rotten beans.

2. Soak the beans overnight in a large bowl. Make sure all the beans are submerged in the water.

3. Drain the beans throughly and empty the beans into the tray+container.
(*You may use the water to water your plants. Apparently, it has nutrients in it)

4. Place the tray+container of beans away from direct sunlight and in room temperature.

5. Rinse the beans every 6 to 10 hours.

6. In about 3 to 5 days, you will have fresh, delicious and poison-free home-sprout bean sprouts!

This was what I bought.
They started sprouting after the 1st day itself!
Look at those tails!
Look at all those beauties! 
All cleaned up and ready to be cooked!
I divided them and kept them in 3 different bags. Make sure that they are dried before you keep them in the bags. Otherwise they will rot. Make sure you remember to keep the bags of sprouts IN THE FRIDGE! Otherwise, they will grow moldy and your effort will be wasted.

I stir fried one packet with garlic and cooked another with fried bee hoon and added another packet to a home-made noodle chicken soup!

Go ahead and sprout! You will not regret it.

Happy sprouting!


  1. How do you clean all the green things off? I tried sprouting once and couldn't get the green things gone. (Failed at sprouting! Go figure. hehehe)

    1. Now THAT was the tedious part. It was so slow it took hubby and me almost 1 hour standing at the kitchen sink removing them by hand. We did try the rinse and pour away, but the skins still stuck to the sprouts.

      Some people like the skins attached, but I prefer them 'skinless'! Haha...

      Try again. They are really delicious!!!!! Yummy to the tummy!

    2. YEAH! I like them skinless, too. I thought I was doing something wrong so it's nice to hear the tedium is normal.

    3. My mung bean sprouts developed root hairs...and sprouts were coming out of the top...did I sprout for too long a time? Can they be eaten at this stage?

    4. You've sprout them too long if they have begun growing roots. They might be bitter! Good luck with sprouting.

  2. I tried. They did grow fast. But the beans turned to light purple. The sprouts don't like bright white either. What didn't I do right?

    1. Maybe you could try with another new batch of peas. Mine never turned light purple. If you leave a bit too long, they will turn green and you will see the emergence of the first two leaves!

      I wish you the best in your next sprouting experiment!

  3. Hi Evelyn

    That's awesome, great going and great growing, i like how you have explained it, peace from the uk, david

  4. Hi Evelyn

    And I saw your blog on 'The power of abstinence" have you seen this on the UN website

    Don't think of a pink elephant happily having a snooze :)

    Maybe give it a read after rinsing and draining

  5. Hi Evelyn,

    3rd time lucky, i'm not a stalker jk :) Make an Easy Jar Sprouter & Start Sprouting Sprouts! HD on youtube, at 3,17 the video has a bit on rinsing out the shells, it looks like you have two containers one of which is empty, the other with the sprouts and half fill with water and by hand take the spouts out the first and put in the second and the remaining water 'captures' or holds the seed shells, well the video shows it, kindly David

  6. Hi Evelyn. Great idea with the tray+container. Where can I purchase the tray? Thank you.

    1. Hi Miriam. I bought the container+tray from a Carrefour hypermarket outlet. Hope that you'll be able to get one too! :)

  7. hello..where did you get your beans? Foodcoop? And the container?

    1. I always get my beans from an organic shop. I got the container from Carrefour (a hypermarket).