Thursday, 26 November 2015

Thermomix Ground Rice Flour


1 cup of white rice (which is approximately 175gm)


1. Set 55seconds/Speed 10.

2. Repeat until desired amount is achieved.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Thermomix Stir-Fried Bitter Gourd Chicken


1. 1/2 garlic clove
2. 2 chicken breasts (cut into strips and seasoned with sea-salt)
3. 1/2 bitter gourd (cut into thin slices)
4. Sunflower oil
5. Sea-salt


1. Place garlic into TMX jug.

2. Set to 5seconds/Reverse/Speed 5. Remove all the garlic skin.

3. Scrape the wall with the spatula.

4. Add some oil.

5. Set 5minutes/Varoma/Reverse/Spoon. Remove MC.

6. Add the chicken and bitter gourd.

7. Set 10minutes/Varoma/Reverse/Spoon. Replace MC. (Add a dash of sea-salt to the dish halfway through the hole in the lid. Remember to replace the MC.)

8. Serve hot with steaming rice.

Bon appétit!

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Thermomix Mung Bean Soup


1. 200gm mung beans (soaked overnight)
2. 4 screwpine leaves (pandan leaves)
3. 2liter water
4. Sago


1. Soak the beans overnight. Wash them thoroughly before cooking.

2. Place beans and sago into TMX jug.

3. Add 2 liter of water.

4. Place the simmering basket inside jug with the tied up pandan leaves.

5. Place cover.

6. Set 20minutes/Varoma/Reverse/Spoon.

7. Once it is done, remove the simmering basket and pour the drink into serving bowls and serve hot. (If you like it sweet, you may add brown sugar or honey).

Bon appétit!

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Thermomix Turmeric & Garlic Chicken Pieces


1. 2 stubs of turmeric (also known as yellow ginger) (outer layer removed)
2. 1/2 clove of garlic
3. 2 chicken breasts (cut into strips)
4. Sea-salt
5. Sunflower oil


1. Place garlic into the TMX jug. Cover with lid.

2. Set 5 seconds/Reverse/Speed 5. Remove the garlic skin.

3. Add the turmeric into the jug.

4. Blend the turmeric and garlic at 30seconds/Speed 6.

5. Scrape everything down with the spatula.

6. Add oil and set 5 minutes/Varoma/Reverse/Spoon. Remove the MC.

7. Once it is done, add the chicken.

8. Set to 10 minutes/Varoma/Reverse/Spoon. Use the MC.

9. Check whether the chicken has been thoroughly cooked. You can add a few more minutes if it's not. But to me, 10 minutes is more than enough.

10. Serve hot with rice.

Bon appétit!

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Thermomix Mixed Juice


1. 2 Red Delicious apples (skin removed)
2. 2 medium sized carrots (peeled)
3. 4 sticks of celery (peeled and cut into half)
4. 1 litre of filtered water


1. Place all ingredients into the Thermomix jug and set to 30 seconds/speed 10. (If it is still too thick, you may add a bit more water and then set 10 seconds/speed 10 again.

2. Pour into mugs and serve immediately.

Bon appétit!

Friday, 6 November 2015

Pain & Physiotherapy

The pain returned and for sure it wasn't the kidneys that were causing it.

The bladder has been functioning well with the prostate medication.

But the pain at the kidney area wouldn't let up. The pain then travelled down to the legs. Numbness, weakness and tingling sensations soon became frequent episodes. Bad backaches and abdominal pains became an everyday routine.

I went for an X-ray and MRI yesterday and the results confirmed what the orthopedic suspected. I have a disc prolapse. I also have multiple Tarlov's cysts in the sacral spinal canal. These cysts most likely have been the cause of my bladder problems and severe abdominal pain during the last few months. On top of that, I have extremely weak back muscle.

Click on Tarlov's Cyst to read more about it.
You can also click HERE to read.

Tomorrow will be my first physiotherapy session. They will be teaching me on how to exercise my back to strengthen it. The orthopedic has also given me specific nerve vitamin (Methycobal) to strengthen the nerves.

On a brighter note, the rest of my spinal discs are healthy. Our discs are actually composed of 80% water. In order for the discs to function properly, it must be well hydrated. He said my discs look like a 20-year-old person's discs. That made me very happy. It's only that one particular disc that has prolapsed. Plus, the cysts.

May the pain be gone as physiotherapy and lots of back exercises begin tomorrow!

P.S: I feel like taking this report and slap those doctors in their faces who said that I was imagining the pain, I wanted attention or that I was stressed out (thus the pain)! Haha!!!

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Thermomix Chicken Stew


1. 1/2 chicken cut into about 12 pieces (you can choose to leave the skin on)
2. 5 garlic bulbs
3. 5 medium sized potatoes (cut into roughly the size of the chicken pieces)
4. 1 teaspoon of cornstarch
5. Sea-salt
6. Tamari sauce
7. Sunflower oil
8. *Pepper (optional)
9. 200ml of water (OR chicken broth)


1. Place the garlic with skin into the TMX jug.

2. Set 5 seconds/Reverse/Speed 5.

3. Collect all the skins and throw away.

4. Pour in some sunflower oil.

5. Set 5 minutes/Varoma/Reverse/Spoon. Remove the MC (mixing cup).

6. While the garlic is being stir-fried by the TMX, prepare the sauce in a small bowl. Add the cornstarch, sea-salt, tamari sauce, pepper and water in to the bowl and mix well.

7. Once the garlic is done, add the chicken chunks and potatoes.

8. Pour in the sauce mixture.

9. Set to 16 minutes/Varoma/Reverse/Spoon. Cover with the MC (mixing cup).

10. If it's not cooked, you can add another 5 minutes or until it is throughly cooked. Pour into serving dish once it is done. Serve hot.

Bon appétit!