Saturday, 8 October 2011

Queen of Pain

It comes like a total eclipse
Blocking out all rays of light
It is so hard to fight
When I am drowning in darkness

This pain that is engulfing my mind
It is as pungent as turpentine
What is there to gain?
Except that I've become the Queen of Pain

Altered frequency
Surrounded by an aura
Life feels like a broken kaleidoscope
Where art Thou, O my Hope?

One step forward and a thousand no more
It should have been a progress
But it feels more like a regress
Where is that day?
Where I can look at Pain and say,
"As the Queen of Pain, OFF WITH YOUR HEAD!'


  1. Love your poem. I see a little Shakespeare quote in there. The last line is the best....spoken by the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland :) Keep up the good work.