Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Midnight Sun

There's Ketotifen,
Puriton, Zrytec, Xyzal, Aerius and many more
Some are able to take Ibuprofen
Some take so many that it seeps out of their pores

Then there's Claritin
And the Zyrtec - D
It supposedly helps your excessive sneezing
But they all make you zzzzz.

The king of it all
Is called Prednisolone
It causes you gastritis, weight gain,
Osteoporosis, paper-thin-skin and makes you look like a ball
Oh, one can feel so alone

No longer do I ask, 'WHY?'
'Will I get better by and by?'
'When will I be able to wean of the meds?'
Or be bothered about the people's stares

I will be tough as nails
Though on some days I am as soft as tofu
On some days I will sail
And I will be as risilient like the bamboo

Yes, it may be incurable
But there is this thing called hope
Of course the doctors say it's totally not probable
One thing's for sure: I will certainly not mope!

So I say to you Idiopathic Anaphylaxis
This life is like a metamorphosis
The ending IS beautiful and glorious
Though the battle may be fierce
I will fight you like a matador
And it is you that I will gore

So spread out the table for me
Where I will drink, feast and be merry
Nasi Lemak, Tortillas, Prawn Mee, Iced Lemon Tea and Sashimi
I will look to the West
And see it at its best
And proclaim, 'How glorious is the Midnight Sun!'


  1. This is a cute poem dear, made me smile despite the context hehe. Well written. Yes, I love the attitude! Tough as nails and fight like a matador. Cheering you on babe! HUGS :)

  2. Another great poem. U r so so so good. Wanna try your hand at writing receipt stories??? Should try it. Refer to this :)

  3. Tammie: Thanks for the encouragement and the website. Will check it out! :)