Wednesday, 19 October 2011

This Week's Vegetable Harvest From the Container Garden

The weather has not been good for the vegetables for the past two weeks. It has been raining over here quite frequently as the year is coming to an end. The monsoon season will be here soon. Here's a summary of what is happening in the container garden.

The okras have been doing really great. Just this week alone, I managed to fill up 2 plastic containers with just okras.

The leafy vegetables were doing ok too, I guess. When I harvested them, the soil was quite wet. And the fungus ngats were having a party!

One of the three trays of Siu Pak Choy veges that were harvested.

Vegetable harvest of Siu Pak Choy & Choy Sum.

My broccoli bolted as the weather for the past 4 months were too hot. And broccoli being a cool weather crop did not do well at all in this weather. I was really looking forward to home grown broccoli.

Broccoli sprout

Broccoli seedling

Young broccoli plant

The 2 Pots of Broccoli that never grew florets

The broccoli stems. I harvested the soft ones and threw the 2 bolted plants away. 
 I sliced them thinly
I added thinly sliced carrots and garlic
Lightly stir fried with sunflower oil and voila, a simple vegetable dish!

A short review on what's happening in the garden and what's new.

The chilli which is growing very well.
Chilli Padi!

Spring Onion

Radish sprout
Radishes in a pot!

Do-Re-Mi! Even more cherry tomatoes!

Another Siamese-Twin Tomato!


  1. Good job....on your blog & also your skills as a!!!

  2. Looks nice... they would sell well in the market =)

  3. Tammie: Thank you very much! :)

  4. Thanks Sze! It takes a lot of effort to grow vegetables organically. But totally worth it!!! :)